Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 10 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.
Again, we promise to bring you the best from high to low budget, to animated to DIY and first and foremost, the most creative visuals we can source.

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Dude It’s Nolan – “Long Way”

Emerging rapper Dude It’s Nolan caught us off guard with his latest video for his song “Long Way” featuring Cliqux. The upbeat trap record is ripe with haunting soundscapes, punchy drums and his fiery off-kilter rap schemes that are peppered with pop references, irreverent wit and dark humour. The visual itself is pretty cinematic with its gloomy lighting and engaging performance style.



Nando The Native – “Honest”.

Nicaraguan-born, Berlin-based R&B singer/songwriter Nando The Native delivers this thought-provoking and insightful track titled “Honest”. The heartfelt track explores the overt fetishization of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) individuals from the perspective of a lover who is more concerned about his colour instead of his personality. The guitar-driven track showcases Nando’s vocal range and profound songwriting. The visual plays into the theme and follows the main character’s underhanded activities at a party while Nando is wallowing in pain at home. In the end, both of them got to speak over the phone but one party has been cheating all along.


Max Rae – “Tattoo”

Las Vegas-based pop/R&B artist Max Rae shares the visuals for her single “Tattoo”, an upbeat track that centers on true love between two individuals. Over the bouncy and lush soundscape, Mac Rae reassures her partner that she will always be by their side. The accompanying visual uses some engaging set pieces with bright cinematic colours, and lively performance shots with fast-paced editing to match the vibrancy of the song.



Manny Grey – “Step By Step”

Brockton, Massachusetts-based rapper Manny Grey takes it “Step By Step” in his new release. The track is comprised of hard-hitting grooves and scenic samples underpinned by his gruff vocals and impassioned take on what modern-day inequality and urban decay look like. The visuals are quite engaging and employ a gripping storyboard that draws listeners deep into the mix with its motifs, use of allegories and overall cinematic feel.



DRIX RIKS – “El Mundo es tuyo (“The world is yours”)”

DRIX RIKS returns to our playlist with the visuals for his song “El Mundo es tuyo (“The world is yours”)”. Armed with his distinct gruff vocals and impassioned demeanour, the rapper takes listeners deep into the mix of the action with his detailed dive into the never-ending struggles in life. The visual taps into the classic 90s feel with its crisp cut scenes and performance shots.


Gozie Ukaga – “Interstate Ninety Four”

Minnesota-based Nigerian-American singer/songwriter/producer Gozie Ukaga makes his entry on our visual playlist with his new release titled “Interstate Ninety Four”. The guitar-driven tune explores the uncertainties of blossoming love and the growing pains that come with it. The visuals follow Gozie on the ultimate search for the true meaning of love. He is currently working on a full-length effort titled COLOR LP.


Dax  – “Dear Alcohol” MEGA REMIX”.

Dax returns with another version of his previous release “Dear Alcohol” and this time he comes with a host of artists from across the globe in this brilliant  “MEGA REMIX” version. Over the sombre and melancholic soundscape, each artist shares their thoughts on liquid addiction and how it affects their lives and everyone around them.



John Alex Harper – “Whiplash”.

John Alex Harper recently put out his LP Much Ado but in the meantime, he dropped the visuals for the single “Whiplash”. The reflective track has a soulful jazz vibe underpinned by Harper’s laidback flow and insightful lyrics about self-growth and introspective thoughts. The visual uses seamless transitions, performance shots and sepia-tone warm colours to give audiences a nostalgic touch.




Kosha Dillz – “With Everything That’s Goin’ On…What’s Goin On?”.

Kosha Dillz continues to give listeners his thoughts on the ongoing war in Gaza with his latest input being “With Everything That’s Goin’ On…What’s Goin On?”. Backed by a sombre soundscape with downtempo but punchy drums, Kosha talks about the indirect effect of the war as the death toll rises and despair fills the air with changing policies and social divide amongst people here in the states and in the warring zones. Not the one to play safe, he also touches on the issue of performative activism and questions his motives in the same vein. The visual follows the rapper in different spots during a protest rally and across the city of NY.



Blaze YL x AntsLive x joe unknown – “Toxic Minds”

South London-based rapper Blaze YL, MOBO nominated rapper AntsLive and Joe Unknown team up for “Toxic Minds”, a reflective tune that dives into the concept of loss within relationships and the never-ending drama that often leads to a breakdown in communication between two lovers. Over the punchy and moody backdrop provided by Samotypebeat and Alex Goughh, the trio share their thoughts on the matter. Shot by domshotthis (Sainte/Finn Foxell/Avelino), the video immerses viewers in the vibrancy of South London, offering a glimpse into their journeys whilst paying homage to their roots and the areas that have been so instrumental to them.





UK rapper SONGER helps close out this week’s playlist with the visuals for his single “WIDE AWAKE” which has been blazing the charts. Armed with his characteristic unfiltered raps and distinct flow, SONGER delivers another solid offering that needs to be added to your gym playlist. The visuals use some engaging and fast-paced cut scenes, dark moody lighting and performance shots that are reflective of Songer’s struggles with sleeping/insomnia.

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