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KING CANGIN – “Bensonhurst” (Prod. By Statik Selektah)

KING CANGIN shares with us some details about his life in his new single titled “Bensonhurst”. Over the haunting and cinematic backdrop provided By Statik Selektah, KING CANGIN shows us his legacy in the best way he knows how.



Marie Dahlstrom – “Nothing On You” (feat. Odeal)

Marie Dahlstrom teams up with fellow singer Odeal for this heartfelt and soul-gripping collaboration titled “Nothing On You”. Bolstered by longtime collaborator Dan Diggas who crafts a sombre and sublime guitar-driven ambiance for the duo. The result is a heartwarming piece that touches on two lovers desiring a deeper connection to further their growing love.





QUE K – “The Bad Guy”


QUE K embodies the spirit of  “The Bad Guy” in this cinematic and hard-hitting jam. Over the orchestral brass stabs and church bells and thumping drums, Que K reminds the detractors that they have bitten off more than they can chew and they will pay.


Corio – “Who Needs A Friend”

Kentucky-based singer/songwriter Corio shares this heartfelt single “Who Needs A Friend”, which sees him reflecting on heartbreak and emotional pain. Over a soothing and melancholic backdrop, he pours his heart on wax using a distinct melodic flow and relatable lyrics that dwell on pain.



QUE K – “When I pull up”

QUE K gets back in the forefront with “When i pull up”, an anthemic cut that is ripe with bravado-raps and his laidback characteristic flow.


King Mane x Snoop Dogg – “Hard Times”

King Mane and West Cost legend Snoop Dogg team up for “Hard Times”, a hard-hitting and insightful piece that explores the daily struggles and the need to be resilient in these crazy times. As the title suggests, it captures the two rappers expressive their candid thoughts about the ups and downs of life.



Burn Herm – “Dirt” (feat. Fanta Vibez & Forté1804)

Burn Herm drops some audio “Dirt” with the help of fellow artists Fanta Vibez and Forté1804. The production is sublime and airy and is ripe with laidback rap schemes and engaging story telling.


Jeristotle – “Bottom of a Bottle”.

Rising artist Jeristotle caught our ears with “Bottom of a Bottle”, a song which is taken from his new album The Birth of An Artist. Over a sombre guitar-driven backdrop, he shares with us the pitfalls of substance abuse and how it can lead to terrible consequences if care is not taken.


davidwuzhere – “foolish”

Emerging singer/songwriter davidwuzhere shares with us his new single “foolish” which talks about reconnecting with an old flame and finding love again despite the odds. It’s a rather interesting take on the blossoming love theme from a different perspective and the artist delivers an airy melodic performance that flows seamlessly over the soulful soundscape.


Felice – “Crush”


New York City-based pop singer Felice makes her entry on our site with her new single “Crush”. The track has a Neptune-inspired sound with a touch of 2000s R&B aesthetics and captures Felice’s airy melodic runs in all its glory.



Uncle Bimz – “Keep Going”

Uncle Bimz aims to uplift our spirits with “Keep Going”, a heartfelt and aspirational tune that will surely give hope in these trying times. Here, he reflects on the never-ending struggles we all face and implores us not to second guess ourselves and keep the faith alive.




Uprising rapper Sam Dapper makes his entry in our playlist with “CHICAGO BULLS FREESTYLE”. Over a bouncy soul sample-driven backdrop, Sam shares his candid thoughts on life and the ups and downs of life.



werdperfect – “Bake It For Me”

Werdperfect delivers this laidback and soul-infused piece titled “Bake It For Me”. Over the smooth and solemn backdrop, the emcee peppers the track with his expressive flow and vivid story telling.



Nick Marks x Doron Lev – “Back To Life”.


Nick Marks and Doron Lev bring us “Back To Life” in this new release. The soulful production also has jazz sensibilities and is underpinned by engaging songwriting that everyone can relate to.



Iman Europe x Kaelin Ellis – “masterpiece.”

Rapper/songwriter/spoken word artist Iman Europe and producer Kaelin Ellis team up for “masterpiece.” The track is a showcase of skill and a focus on self-belief as Iman delivers a fiery performance ripe with edgy and expressive rhyme schemes over Kaelin’s jazz instrumentation.




Mike SB – “Hangin”

Mike SB  pours his heart on wax in his newest release “Hangin”. The track has a solemn and reflective vibe and is underpinned by his lovelorn lyrics that center on heartbreak.



J.M€AZ¥ – “gambling whil€ intoxicat€d”

J.M€AZ¥ gets into his bag in “Gambling whil€ intoxicat€d”, over a soulful vocal sample, he captures the listeners with a vivid story that explores his time at a gambling spot.


QUE K – “Will they still remeber ya name ?”

QUE K asks us the pertinent question “Will they still remeber ya name ?”. Over a dark and haunting backdrop, the emcee talks about life and the never-ending struggles.


TonyLon3ly – “Vision”.

Uprising musician TonyLon3ly caught our ears with his newest release titled “Vision”. The upbeat track serves as the perfect backdrop for his stylish flow and edgy raps.



dom champ – “The Cycle”


Uprising UK-based rapper/songwriter dom champ runs through “The Cycle” in his new release. The track is as sombre as they come and is peppered with his introspective lyrics about self-discovery, progression and life.




Bobby Thibs – “Headaches & Heartbreaks”

Bobby Thibs returns with “Headaches & Heartbreaks”, a heartfelt and introspective tune that dives into the intricacies of the ups and downs of life. Over a haunting and sparse backdrop, Bobby delivers a playful melodic performance and laidback reflective rap verses that explore his life.




STANTIN – “Jackfruit”

STANTIN makes his entry on our playlist with “Jackfruit”, a mid-tempo lofi-soul tune made up of warm textures and rich melodic runs filled with adulation.




Classik – “Whispers of a Jazz Club”.

Veteran Canadian rapper Classik returns with “Whispers of a Jazz Club”. The track showcases the rapper’s vivid storytelling skill as he recounts his experience of being denied entry at multiple venues before finding the right spot called Jazz Club. Backed by the lounge-jazz vibes of producer Padre Tóxico, Classik delivers something refreshing and thought-provoking.




Zoye Blacc – “One Day”

DMV-based rapper/songwriter Zoye Blacc delivers this uplifting and aspirational tune titled “One Day”. The track is made up of rousing drums, lush keys and guitar riffs underpinned by engaging lyricism and a universal message for everyone to believe in.



ARN – “6am in BCN / ’99 Sheringham”

Rising UK emcee ARN gets into his time stamp persona in his new release “6am in BCN / ’99 Sheringham”. The production is lush, moody and atmospheric and captures the rappers’ minds in two different zones. From his trip to the city of Barcelona and his childhood memories of watching Teddy Sheringham score in the 1999 Champions League final which was held in the same city.



THAGODLAW – “The Cure”


THAGODLAW comes through with “The Cure”, a hard-hitting boom-bap track that fuses dope beats and tough bars.


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