“Alone in the Same Room” is the first single from LA-based husband and wife Alternative R&B duo who go by the moniker PWR CPL. The song is a nice mix of soul, RnB, and hip-hop laced with the duo’s unique style. The record is an honest look at the inner workings of relationships. From ego trips to arguments, pain & pride, to loneliness, it gives a raw account of how far real love is from being just black and white.

Vocalist Summer takes the helm of most of the parts with her lush, angelic vocal tone while Jon switches the vibe with a solid verse later on in the song.

As multi-instrumentalists, producers, songwriters and performers, they have toured internationally, written for Grammy-nominated artists and played for crowds of thousands. With a reimagined sound and a new wave of inspiration, they are positioned to make a big impact this coming year.


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