We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Kenny Fields – Confessions.

Emerging LA-based rapper Kenny Fields launch this week’s list with his new single titled “Confessions”. The instrumental for the song was crafted by Enovate and has a dark, solemn feel complete with a boombap drum pattern. Fields waste little time and share with us some of the challenges he is facing as a young man in a fast-paced world. He adds “…I wrote it at a point where I wasn’t in the best place mentally. I felt I wasn’t working as hard as I should be and my mind became clouded with negative thoughts…

He is currently working on his EP and the video for his song “Blueprint”. Follow him on IG.



Abrax Phaeton – Beautiful Girl/Flings (ft. Jeff Kush & Brandon From Addison)

Abrax Phaeton team up with Jeff Kush and Brandon (from Addison) on his new single “Beautiful Girl/Flings). The song has an upbeat groove and summery vibes courtesy of producer Peglove who laces the emcees with a solid backdrop.

 Demi Day – Time

Emerging emcee Demi Day delivers a thought-provoking single titled “Time”. The emcee hit the listener with a barrage of profound gems over a vibrant soundscape embellished by the enthralling vocals of singer Neenah Shawn.






Caesar Gorgeous – EGO.


“EGO” is the first single from rapper Caesar’s upcoming project, Perception. The cinematic soundscape he employs fits his dynamic performance and vocal techniques. His vocals move from its natural state into a semi-robotic styled singing. Interesting piece of work. You can get it on Spotify




The Seige – Right Now

Hip-hop duo The Seige bring back the good old vibrant hip-hop on their new song “Right Now”. Employing a classic Kanye West vocal sample for inspiration, “Right now” has a commanding feel with its blend of hip-hop and electronic elements. The duo of James “Taz” Conley (lyricist) and Riley “Goon” Taylor (producer) bring their A game on this one with superb lyricism and a bombastic instrumental to match.

“Right Now” is taken from their new double EP, Duality. A project that delves into the symbiotic relationship between man and machine, traversing the worlds of trap, epic lyricism, and electronic-fused anthemic hip-hop.

Duality is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms.




Wyatt James – Under the Moon.

Wyatt James‘s new single “Under The Moon” is the follow up to his song “Lead The Way“.  In his usual fashion, James shares his life experiences with the listener over a smooth, reflective soundscape. At the end, he just wants to stay true to the end.




Farnell Newton -St. Johns Bridge

Jazz instrumentalist Farnell Newton teams up with hip-hop producer Toranpetto on this superb collaborative gem titled “St. Johns Bridge”. The two artists take the best parts of their respective genres and fuse them into a creation of epic proportions. The music is layered, engaging and lush from start to finish.

Farnell has teamed up with producer Toranpetto (トランペット), a record producer, composer, and arranger who produces atmospheric instrumental mixes sampling from hip hop, soul, funk, and jazz. Toranpetto and Farnell first met online while on Instagram and decided to collaborate on an album of music sharing their love of jazz, soul and lo-fi hip hop. (“Lofi Hip Hop” refers to a genre of music that mashes up traditional hip-hop and jazz elements to create an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape.)
Trumpeter Farnell Newton is one of the most versatile musicians & educators in the Northwest, playing straight-ahead jazz, funk, Latin music, soul, hip hop, and more. In the last few years, Farnell has been touring with 3 times Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Jill Scott and with the Legendary Rhinestone Rockstar Bassist Bootsy Collins.




Billy Davis – Shoulda Known Feat VanJess and Matt McGhee.


Producer Billy Davis delivers his first single with Sony Music Australia, the single titled “Shoulda Known” featuring VanJess and Matt McGhee today. The talented producer/songwriter blends neo-soul, funk, and RnB on the tune as vocalists VanJess deliver a tuneful chorus and verse. Rapper Matt McGhee also comes through and adds his own unique flavor on the track.

“Shoulda Known” is the lead single from Davis’ forthcoming album. He also gives us some insight into the single. “All this music stuff happened so fast and I’m incredibly thankful and blessed for all the opportunities. But I know along the way I made some mistakes. I prioritized things I shouldn’t have and hurt people important to me. In the lead up to my album, which is a tell-tale lesson about everything I’ve learned, ‘Shoulda Known’ is a cry from myself. It’s about acknowledging that I made mistakes and learning from them.


Get the track on Spotify





Tay Rob – Square One.


DeVonte James Robinson, also known by the stage name of Tay Rob takes us deep into his personal zone on “Square One”. Just as the title, the rapper details his desire to start afresh leaving all the mistakes behind him. He also states that the song is a metaphor for his growth after a few rocky starts in the music industry. Reeling from self-doubt and uncertainty, Tay Rob now faces his fears head-on and proceeds to erase those doubts.

Get the song on iTunes. Follow him on IG.


Audi Bamer – A Late Summer Sun.

Bavarian beatmaker Audi Bamer brings back the summer energy on his new instrumental titled “A Late Summer Sun”. The track is a chilled, refreshing LoFi-Boombap that channels the classic 90s while staying true to the new age. A brilliant instrumental if you asked me and it has that vibe that allows you to escape the wet cold and grey weather for at least 2 minutes.

The track is also featured on the recently released cassette tape sampler “IN THE LAB 01” by Golden Ticket Tapes.



RYN SCOTT – “Let It Go”.

Ryn Scott helps close the list with a reflective song titled “Let It Go”. Drawing from a plethora of personal experiences, he shares his fears, hopes, and dreams over a soulful backdrop and draws the listener deep into the action. He sure has some good advice for all of us: take a step back from the technological brink, remember to breathe, and concentrate on what’s truly important.

The video directed by Jake Bass (he also produced the song) embellished the beat with some soulful piano chords, synthesizer, guitar, and tasteful sound effects that reinforce the rapper’s confessional storytelling. We see some of those instruments in the clip for “Let It Go”, but mostly Bass keeps the camera on SCOTT – as the 27-year-old rapper addresses the viewers just like he’s talking to a close friend.

Get the song on Spotify

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