Shabaam Sahdeeq is set to drop his latest project Keepers Of The Lost Art on the 22nd of this month and the first single to hit us is the pounding cinematic cut aptly titled ‘That Dope’. The track features Wais P (remember Da Ranjahz?) and Sha Stimuli with DJ Skizz on the boards and cuts. A solid laid back banger if I may add.

Tune in and get with the program.


When your product is “That Dope,” you’re bound to know “the dopes, the pushers, the addicts, everybody,” a tag that is also appropriate for the title of Shabaam Sahdeeq’s leadoff single to his forthcoming album, Keepers of the Lost Art. The DJ Skizz produced street anthem, which borrows from Nas’s classic “Street Dreams,” creates the perfect backdrop for the Five Star General S-Dub to ‘navigate the foolery’ that’ll have you watching your back after every turn.  “That Dope” includes guest features from Brooklyn’s premier panderer Wais P and the always lyrically sharp Sha Stimuli. Keepers of the Lost Art is set to drop on April 22nd, via Below System.. watch out!

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• Album Trailer:  HERE


01. Keepers Of The Lost Art  (prod. by Res Nullius)

02. Conceited Confidence (prod. by Ran Reed)

03. Playing Games (prod. by Lewis Parker)

04. Speak Truth (feat. Reks & Kamala) [prod. by DJ Ready Cee]

05. Walk With the Light (prod. by Lewis Parker)

06. That Dope (feat. Wais P & Sha Stimuli) [prod. by DJ Skizz]

07. Hardbody & Heavy (feat. Half A Brick, EastKoast & DJ Dister) [prod. by Lewis Parker]

08. Tranquilo (prod. by Harry Fraud)

09. Grown Man Hustle (feat. Eric Rico) [prod. by Lewis Parker]

10. The Come Back Kid (feat. Skyzoo and F.T.) [prod. By DJ Skizz]

11. Seasons Change (prod. by Lewis Parker)

12. City of Fame (feat. Mic Handz) [prod. by Teike van Baden]

13. He Who Dares (feat. Lewis Parker) [prod. by Lewis Parker]

14. Fall In Line (prod. by DJ Wonder)

15. O.G. Certified (feat. Tragedy Khadafi & DJ Ready Cee) [prod. by Lewis Parker]

16. Done It All (feat. Bekay) [prod. by DJ Dister]

17. Relax (Remix) [prod. by DJ Dister]

18. Energon 2 (feat. Spit Gemz & DJ Dister) [prod. by One Take]

19. Honor Me Now (Remix) [prod. by Science of Vinyl Villains]

20. U Don’t Want None (feat. General DV) [prod. by AlterBeats]

Bonus Tracks (Digital Only):

21. Cut From a Different Cloth (feat. Hakim) [prod. by Donald Robinson Cole the 3rd]

22. Do You (prod. by DJ Spinna)

23. Motion Picture (prod. by DJ Spinna)

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