The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Yugí – “TROUBLE”

Australian rapper Yugí show us the most important thing in life and it’s not “TROUBLE”. The track deals with the daily distractions and vices we often face and how we could easily get lost in the mix but the trick is to keep our heads up and make the best out of it.







Seattle, Wa-based Oblé Reed reflects on “WHERETHEMONEYGROWS,” a reflective tune that explores the effects of money on his life. Over an off-kilter alternative soundscape, Reed shares some insightful thoughts that we all can relate to.






Dylamic, Daví – “That’s Why”

Dylamic and producer Daví deliver a punk rock/rap-infused record “That’s Why” which showcases their versatility. Over rich electric guitars and punchy drums, Dylamic delivers his distinct flow and vivid lyrical schemes that keep listeners locked in.


Nią Chennai – “Since We Ain’t Together”

Nią Chennai follows up her debut single with another gem titled “Since We Ain’t Together”. The heartfelt record dives into the aftermath of a breakup and her finding inner strength to move on with her head up high. Bolstered by a sombre guitar lick, warm strings and bouncy grooves, Nia embodies the spirit of a woman coming out of the fire like the proverbial phoenix.




Divine Wizz – “Quicksand


Divine Wizz delivers this groovy playful tune titled“Quicksand” on our playlist. Armed with her stylish flow and unapologetic lyrics she gives listeners a catchy and thoughtful jam that we all can rock with



Black Astronaut Records – “No Moss”

emerging songwriter/singer Black Astronaut Records deliver this heartfelt tune “No Moss” which explores the concept of starting over in love. Bolstered by a bright and bouncy soundscape, he details blossoming love and the hopeful feeling of finding peace of mind with that special someone.



Tso Ghostly , Jimmy G. $hi & PRI – “Yuh Yuh”

Nelson County, VA-based artist Tso Ghostly teams up with Jimmy G. $hi and Bobby Capri(PRI) for this upbeat bravado-driven tune titled “Yuh Yuh”. Backed by the bouncy and somewhat moody soundscape, the emcees trade bars with much gusto as they switch cadences and blend insightful and braggadocios bars in a seamless manner.






INNER VIBE SOUND caught our ears with this bouncy record titled “Be My Girl”. The beat is made up of a punchy drum break, and pulsating bass synth that forms the perfect backdrop for the rapper’s adulation-filled lyrics. He pens a heartfelt letter to his girl and listeners can relate to and appreciate the vulnerability and honesty.

Stream on Apple MusicDeezer.




Cruzz – “Hallelujah”

Emerging rapper Cruzz makes his entrance on our list with “Hallelujah”. Made up of a rousing choral sample and thick 808 drums, the rapper details his journey as a young man trying to reach his goals in a world filled with hurdles and pitfalls.





Lu Bennett – “Dream Again”

Durham, NC-based, Lexington, KY -born artist/poet/motivational speaker Lu Bennett gives us some much-needed boost with his new single “Dream Again”. The track is made up of sublime and soothing soundscapes and sees the artist reflecting on life and how we often lose focus when things get tough but he implores us all to rise up and dream again because we have the potential to do great things.







Gavin Johnson – “Richer&Richer”

Gavin Johnson makes an entrance on our list with “Richer&Richer”, a heartfelt and introspective record that explores the rapper’s aspirations, dreams and go-getter mentality in a world where nothing is promised.


Gabby Onme – “After All this Time”

Seoul-born / Texas-grown genre-bending artist Gabby Onme shares the new single “After All this Time” which showcased his versatile style and knack for penning heartfelt tracks. Over a soulful and sublime soundscape, he delivers a blend of laidback melodic runs with unassuming rap verses that detail the blossoming love between him and his girl.


Loki Loko & Big O – “Lifes Purpose (Sahdguru)”


Rapper Loki Loko and producer Big O follow up their last collaborative album Ocean Grown with a new installment titled Ocean Waves. The 11-track project continues the duo’s blend of introspective lyrics underpinned by soothing lofi/soul beats.  They also share the focus track “Lifes Purpose (Sahdguru)” which as the title suggests details life as a continuum and how the many lessons we learn change us for better or worse.



Persius – “Paper Jayson”

Persius made us listen as he dropped  “Paper Jayson” on our page. The track is built on a punchy drum break and soulful texture which forms the perfect backdrop for his vivid lyricism and distinct flow. He details the ups and downs of his life’s journey and how he finds a way out of the cesspool of the city.



Esso – “Look Forward To”

LA-based singer/songwriter Esso‘s latest release “Look Forward To” explores self-confidence in a relationship with a partner who is undecided. Over a soothing and soulful backdrop, she reminds him that he better focus on her because it would be a terrible shame to lose her.




Swankie – “MOTEL 6”

Swankie takes us into “MOTEL 6” for some underhanded activities. Backed by a bouncy and piano-laden backdrop, the rapper details the type of woman he wants for the night but he spices it up with NBA references.


Sammyoffthewall – “Cancel On Me”

Sammyoffthewall is ready for the worst as he dares the opposition in his new track “Cancel On Me”. The track is punchy and cinematic enough but his stylish unbridled flow takes precedence as he goes for the jugular with vivid bars and the spirit of a champion.


7HO3NIX -” It Is What It Is”


Singer/songwriter/producer 7HO3NIX makes her entry on our list with “It Is What It Is”. The soulful tune is solemn and reflective and blends perfectly with her unique songwriting and distinct sublime melodic runs. The track details her own personal journey through hard times ranging from personal loss, heartbreak and numerous falls but in all of it, she is still standing and hopes the song serves as a relief of some sort to anyone going through similar experiences.



TEF XL – “No Pressure” (feat. Alonda Rich)

Emerging Jacksonville, Florida-based rapper/entrepreneur TEF XL reminds us that it’s “No Pressure” for him to go through the fire to reach his goals. Bolstered by a soulful and cinematic soundscape, he details the trials and tribulations of being an achiever. He is joined by singer Alonda Rich who adds a soulful touch to the insightful track.




DJ Newmark – “No More Waitin”

“No More Waitin” is the latest single from Legendary Throwback King DJ Newmark who goes for the jugular with bouncy West Coast-flavoured vibes and colourful rhyming to match.



Sophiegrophy – “Rockstar”


Multi-talented new Zealand/Nigerian rapper/songwriter Sophiegrophy switches her style in the new single “Rockstar”. The record sees her using the current amapiano genre as her soundscape. Over pulsating basslines, lush pads, crisp guitar riffs and an undeniable drum groove, she delivers a smooth performance. Switching between her distinct rap flows and sultry melodic runs, she gives listeners a solid fusion of bar, and melody with a pure African vibe.



ayelookitsBRADY – “ALOT GOING ON”

Emerging rapper ayelookitsBRADY clears out his head in the new single “ALOT GOING ON”. Over a sombre and piano-laden soundscape, he details his trials and tribulations and how he manages to weave through the madness with every inch of strength he can muster.


Rayner G. – “I Am”

Lansin-born, Miami-raised rapper Rayner G delivers a motivational tune titled “I Am”. Over a cinematic drill soundscape, the rapper embodies the positive spirit needed to achieve one’s goals. Armed with his distinct gruff vocals, he gives such a candid and soul-stirring performance ripe with insight bars that would leave the listener feeling empowered and driven.


Mackbo x Stallworth Jones – “ROOTS”

Mackbo and Atlanta, Ga-based rapper/producer Stallworth Jones show us their “ROOTS” in this brilliant collaboration. Bolstered by a bouncy and soulful soundscape, both emcees trade insightful bars that aim to uplift our spirits.


King Kaiju – “Boldy”

King Kaijus new single “Boldy” sees him going back in time as he breaks down his life’s journey and the many doors his craft opened up for him. Over a cleverly chopped vocal sample, King Kaiju shows gratitude for everything the universe has accrued for him and reminds listeners that he will always give back to those who supported him.



Bobby J From Rockaway x Street Smartz x Wais P x Nef – “Leaving” prod. by Nef

Rockaway Beach, Queens native Bobby J From Rockaway and Brooklyn-by-way-of-New England producer extraordinaire, Nef, have joined forces to bring you their first collaborative project entitled Radio Days. On their latest song “Leaving” they teamed up with underground vet Wais P (formerly of Brooklyn duo Da Ranjahz) & up and comer Street Smartz. The result is a hard-hitting but soulful gem that captures the essence of being true to oneself and making a way where there is none.


Slick Da Sniper – “Just Talkin To Em”


NY-based rapper Slick Da Sniper flexes his verbal biceps over a cinematic soundscape in his new release titled “Just Talkin To Em”. The hard-nosed rapper holds nothing back and fuses the essence of street savviness with insightful knowledge for those who may need it.


Nomis x Propaganda – “Forest”

The duo Nomis and Propaganda team up for “Forest”, a reflective and heartfelt track that blends soulful elements with engaging hip-hop sensibilities. Over the soothing and dreamy soundscape, the duo explores the concept of finding one’s voice and not forgetting where we all come from in order to achieve one’s true potential.


Tha Essence – “Punctual”

Tha Essence delivers his new single “Punctual” which is the perfect anthem for all the hustlers and go-getters who are always on the grind. Over a punchy groove and a magnificent sample flip of ATCQ‘s “Electric Relaxation”, The Essence implores listeners to wake up and get on the grind.



Moonchild – “Takes Two”


LA-based instrumentalist Moonchild closes out the list with “Takes Two”, taken from their album ‘Starfruit’ which is up for Best Progressive R&B Album at the 2023 GRAMMY Awards. The record is a soothing and nostalgic piece featuring sultry and eye-grabbing melodic runs and an ethereal soundscape to boot.

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