French beat-maker Ugly Tony has been on a run for weeks now and now he presents his 4th and final single “Sick Spitters”. The track is aptly titled and features two rap heavyweights in the form of Boston’s Edo. G and NY’s Shabaam Sahdeeq and for those who know, you are definitely in for a ride. The production from Ugly Tony is as cinematic and rivetting as they come with rich brass stabs, sizzling electric guitars and punchy boombap drums to boot which sets the perfect stage for the two emcees to launch a flurry of hard-hitting bars toward unsuspecting foes. Edo.G sets the tone with his laidback bass-laden flow ripe with a plethora of gems for listeners to live by. He doesn’t shy away from the bravado element but lines like “My final decision for the world that we live in/cos Time is the only critic without ambition” cement his status as an OG. Shabaam follows up with an equally powerful verse that showcases his verbal prowess as he reminds us that “You looking- at a mutherfucking craftsman/Putting words together with the energy and passion“.

Sick Spitters“, is taken from his forthcoming Time Flies album. Pre-Order it here.

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