Mount Juliet, Tennessee-based rapper Que K  shares his new project NO REMORSE 2. The 10-track body of Work sees him teaming up with KODAK and Moe C over hard-hitting beats.

“All I Know” is the first track and it’s made up of a sombre and atmospheric soundscape. The track sees Que K detailing his life struggles and the things he knows. Armed with his distinct laidback flow and reflective songwriting like “When the pressure’s on, I ain’t the one to fold, these streets will turn you to a savage, make your heart cold”, he realizes that he has to stay focused to avoid being derailed from his goals. “Pay The Cost” is a dark and solemn track that takes listers deep into the dark alleys of Que K’s stomping grounds. Here, he talks about the dangers of trying to be successful in a town filled with wolves. From the fair weather friends to predators that lie in the dark, Que K breaks down how easy it is to fall target but he is not giving up and has paid the cost and he deserves his just due. “Money On The Flo” is made up of a vibrant and upbeat drum groove and a cinematic texture ripe with moody synth leads and thick 808 drum grooves. As the title suggests, it sees Que K in his go-getter mindstate as he makes moves for the digits and implores listeners to get up and chase their dreams.



“Reflections” is the fourth track and has a soulful vibe made up of a dreamy pad, lush keys and sparse drums. Here, Que K reflects on the never-ending daily struggles and tribulations. far from being gloomy, he approaches it with an aspirational mindset as he spits “These snakes be lurking for the paper that’s one thing for certain/Stack that ‘fetti , they would respect you when they close the curtains/Can’t knock the hustle, it’s a hard knock life coming out that struggle”. On “Till the end”, Que K teams up with KODAK and together they share their candid thoughts on fake friends who try to stop their growth. Que K sets the tone with his laidback flow and charismatic demeanour as he clears out the detractors from his sight. This is followed by KODAK’s high-pitched flow and bravado-laden bars. The next track “Cold Case” continues Que K’s grind and here he reminds us of his work ethic. He knows his mission parameters and will not budge for anyone as he makes his daily operations move like clockwork.


The project closes out with the KODAK-assisted “Catch Up” and “Understand”. KODAK leads the assault on “Catch Up” and sends some warning shots to his opposition while Que K follows up with some verbal stunting. The final cut “Understand” has a melancholic and eerie soundscape that is now underpinned by Que K’s street-savvy lyricism. He starts off with “I feel these niggaz plotting on me, it ain’t making sense/Spread out your options while you plotting, I’m just waiting watching“ and proceeds to set his commands for his squad to secure the bag. The project also has some engaging cuts like the orchestral piano-laden“Run The City” and the synth-laden “No Matter What” featuring Moe C.

Overall, NO REMORSE 2, has a cinematic feel and takes listeners deep into the action with it’s scenic and dynamic production. The lyrics are well-crafted, edgy and exude emotion as well and give listeners a vivid glimpse into the street life from the aspirational perspective.

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