Brace yourselves for this cross-Atlantic collaboration between Nutso, legendary BN member Sadat X, and Swedish producers Terminal Five. The spitting duo go the whole nine over the cinematic, broody soundscape crafted by the producers.

Tune in and get with the program.

The transition between local act and international fame is what most artists vie for, but few actually accomplish. While most rappers decide to stay in their lane and refrain from traveling outside of their their comfort zone, Nutso and Sadat X prefer to throw caution to the wind and take their talents worldwide. With both emcees having a history of collaborating with European producers, “No Limit,” finds the Wild Cowboy, Sadat X, and the Q-Borough spitter, Nutso, connecting with the Swedish duo, Terminal Five. The track sticks to Nut’s rugged n’ raw style of spitting flames over a hardbody beat, while Sadat adds his trademark, unorthodox, yet technical flow,
allowing heads both old and new to get down on this transatlantic banger. “No Limit” is now available for download through iTunes, and all other major digital retailers.

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