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F.ACE – “Bout It”


Northwest London-based rapper F.ACE digs deep into the dark side of street life and the various characters who got lost on the wayside “Bout It”. Over a brooding backdrop, the emcee breaks down the many facets of being true to oneself in the face of adversity and an ever-changing system that keeps minorities in a bubble




Jordan Fletcher – “Clout” (feat. Zharmila)

Portland, OR-based rapper/songwriter Jordan Fletcher shares his views on selling out and chasing the dividends of the material lifestyle in his latest release “Clout”. Bolstered by a jazz/soulful soundscape, Jordan details a true-to-life scenario of the nitty gritty of selling one’s soul. It looks pretty on the outside but the darkness that consumes the soul from the inside is far from beautiful. He is joined by singer Zharmila who peppers the track with some soothing melodies.



MERGES x L3GION – “Truman Show”


South Dakota-born singer and songwriter Merges returns with a new single “Truman Show” which is produced by L3GION.  The future R&B tune comprises moody and atmospheric textures, and sparse downtempo drums all underpinned by her sultry vocal runs. The track explores the concept of feeling trapped as a secondary character in someone else’s story.




Sammyoffthewall – “Plenty Reasons”

“Plenty Reasons” is the latest uplifting track from emerging rapper Sammyoffthewall who delivers a heartfelt and energetic performance ripe with appreciative themes. Over a triumphant horn-driven backdrop, he shares his journey as an artist while paying homage to all the people who supported him along the way.


Chris Cachia – “Bars and Bass”

Chris Cachia shows us how he builds bars over beats in his latest release titled “Bars and Bass”. Chris’ commanding flow underpins the bass-driven track with a flurry of unlimited alliteration-fuelled lyrics with the letter B.




KING CANGIN – “Made Man”

KING CANGIN steps up to bat with this hard-hitting and bravado-driven tune titled “Made Man”. Over a bouncy and funky boom-bap soundscape, the rapper delivers a fiery but choppy performance as he flexes on the opposition.


D-MatiK – “Soon”.

D-MatiK ‘s new release “Soon” is a blend of braggadocio and reflective elements as he looks at his journey thus far and how far he has come in the game. Over a punchy backdrop, D-Matik delivers his distinct energetic flow peppered with off-kilter lyricism.


Nia Chennai – “So Pretty When You Cry”


London-based R&B singer, songwriter and artist Nia Chennai‘s new single “So Pretty When You Cry” is a brilliant blend of 2000s R&B and a dash of reggae. Reminiscent of Kelis, Angie Stone and Erykah Badu with s UK swag, Nia delivers something refreshing and stunning on her new release as she reminds her ex that she has moved on to better things. Her vocals are rich and commanding and her distinct melodic style stands out as well.



Blvff x Dru Kelly – “keep a smile”.

NY emcee Blvff and Dru Kelly team up for this heartfelt track titled “keep a smile”. Over a soulful and solemn backdrop made up of soft piano chords with hushed grooves, the emcees remind us of having a healthy relationship with oneself which will eventually translate to the outside world. As the title suggests, it’s about having a positive mindset through hard times.


Leland Philpot – “We Movin'”

Leland Philpot‘s new single “We Movin'” is about finding one’s resilience and faith in an unforgiving world. Armed with his energetic flow and knack for penning insightful bars, Leland gives audiences something to ponder as he implores us to never give up.


EMNL TOMMY – “365”

EMNL TOMMY‘s “365” is an inspirational tune that sees the rapper give praise to God and his Christian faith. Overall, the track aims to boost listener’s morale and get them going for the day with a hard-hitting beat and spirit-lifting songwriting.




Frank D – “Hood Rich”

Frank D shares his thoughts on financial stability in “Hood Rich”. The production here is punchy and cinematic while his lyrics have a lot of depth and insight as he breaks down the difference between hood rich and having generational wealth.



Psych Major – “Under Any Condition” (feat. Dagha & Sadat X), by Psych Major”


Rapper/producer Psych Major is currently working on the forthcoming Old Head EP but in the meantime, he shares the lead single “Under Any Condition” feat. Dagha and Sadat X. The sparse retro-boombap jam is a display of reflective and insightful lyricism from Psych and Dagha who talk about folks who put in all the work but get no recognition while the powers that be claim the glory. The track is threaded by a chorus from Sadat X who sums it up neatly.








NanaBcool – “Open Case”.

NanaBcool returns to our playlist with “Open Case”, the new single from his forthcoming EP Birds (Long Distance). The title is a play on his experiences in an open relationship and the complexities that come with such modern dating approaches. The production is soulful and funky and his laidback nonchalant melodic flow cuts through the mix like a hot knife through butter.



Czar Brown – “SuperNova”.

Czar Brown delivers something insightful and relatable in his latest release titled “SuperNova”. He used a soulful vocal-sample-driven backdrop as his canvas while he painted a picture of his daily struggles as a young man in the big city.







Que K – “Killin It” w/ Garci Gang

Que K stays “Killin It” as he teams up with Garci Gang. The hard-hitting track has dark trap elements and sees the rappers in their element.



Ruby Shabazz – “Loss”

Boston-based singer/songwriter Ruby Shabazz steps to the forefront with her new release “Loss”. Armed with a commanding and rich vocal tone, Ruby delivers a soul-stirring performance over a smooth groovey backdrop as she reflects on the loss of a loved one and the emotions that build up afterwards.




Lamel – “Cause & Effect”.

Inglewood, CA native Lamel breaks down life in “Cause & Effect”. The reflective track sees the rapper going back in time as he gives audiences a glimpse of his not-so-glorious beginnings. Far from being a sob story, Lamel shows how having faith, resilience and being positive through tough times can help one get through anything.


Skizza x AK Productions – “Plates”

Saskatoon, Canada-based veteran emcee Skizza links with producer AK Productions for this uplifting and groovy collaboration titled “Plates”. The track is chock-full of food references used as an analogy for longstanding friendship, unadulterated art and self-achievement. “Plates” appears on the duo’s newly released album Summer League – the follow-up to their 2023 ‘Champion Season’ trilogy, for which they were named Hip-Hop Artists of the Year at the Saskatchewan Music Awards.


Loneninjah – “Icarus”

Loneninjah and Something team up for “Icarus”, a heartfelt and insightful track that explores self-belief and pushing through the white noise that continues to surround us. The production has a dark brooding vibe with punchy drums and the lyrics are engaging and relatable in many ways. “Icarus” is taken from the duo’s new album titled Hindsight.





MC BRAVADO – “Belief” (featuring Jai Ivy and Rufus Roundtree of the Parliament-Funkadelic)

Baltimore, MD-based Recording artist, and philanthropist  MC Bravado kicks off 2024 with the newest single “Belief”. The track is an aspirational record that talks about the need for self-belief in the face of adversity and the never-ending obstacles life throws at us. For the production, he recruits DaveO who crafts a sad and soulful piano-driven beat for MC Bravado to remind us of our true strengths. Also Joining Bravado on the track are vocalists Jai Ivy and Rufus Roundtree of the ParliamentFunkadelic who garnish the track with soothing melodies alongside a children’s choir at the end providing the perfect climax that will surely get listeners out of the doldrums.
A video for “Belief” is currently in the works with the help of the Baltimore-based community organization Beats Not Bullets, where he is the creative director.


James Gardin – “You Got it”.

James Gardin returns with something refreshing and groovy as he drops “You Got it”. The future soul-funk jam is comprised of sizzling synth basslines, thumping drum grooves and bright pads.  Here, James shows appreciation to the good life and the feeling of accomplishment after working hard.



Tay Toe – “Anxiety”

Salt Lake City-based artist Tay Toe shares his thoughts on “Anxiety” in this insightful and revealing tune. Over sombre guitar plucks and lush textures, Tay Toe runs trough his experiences as a young man chasing his dreams and how the feeling of anxiety engulfs him in more ways than one. From the bad times to the high points, Tay Toe stays resilient through it all and delivers this uplifting message for everyone to live by.



RYN SCOTT – “Highs” (feat. Sammy Adams)

RYN SCOTT‘s “Highs” is a heartfelt and insightful piece that talks about the unpredictable nature of life and while we get highs, there will also be some low points and the idea is to stay positive through it all. Joining RYN on the track is vocalist Sammy Adams who adds a soothing melodic chorus to tie things up.



Ten Hawkins – “Pump 3”

Ten Hawkins shares his new single “Pump 3” which centres on the never-ending struggle and daily pressures of life. Over the reflective backdrop, he shares his desire to get away from the madness to find inner peace.



Kid Craze – “Cool, Calm & Collected”.

West Midlands-raised rapper/songwriter Kid Craze makes his entry on our site with his newest release titled “Cool, Calm & Collected”. The lofi-soul-infused tune is as laidback as they come and see Kid Craze imploring listeners to keep a positive mindset and avoid detractors and naysayers because all they do is kill the vibe.


 “504icygrl – “Neck”

504icygrl returns to the forefront with the upbeat club-ready jam titled “Neck”. Produced by Raj Smoove, the track is an energetic sensual piece that explores female fantasies and desire. Here, 504icygirl gets into her bag with her unapologetic and graphic raps that detail what she wants and she doesn’t have to beg for it.


Vacatixn – “Sunrise”

Emerging East London-based rapper Vacatixn teams up with Tony Bones The Producer and Jackson B for his latest release “Sunrise”. The soulful tune has jazz elements and sees the rapper reflecting on the ups and downs of this game called life and how he made something out of nothing.

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