We all love well-crafted instrumental projects that push musical boundaries and expectations and in this age where we are spoiled for choice, it is always a welcomed addition to receive a high-grade project such as DJ Concept’s Meditations 4. The 10-track body of work is the fourth installment of his Meditations instrumental series and contains instrumental versions of tracks from his ever-growing catalogue.


The project starts with the haunting keys of “Maskachusetts,” which is reminiscent of the sinister bells from The Exorcist movie. The use of trap drums with sparse arrangement and thick distorted bassline is dope as well. “Different Energy” lives up to its name, the layered production sure sounds different with its menacing textures and overall urgent energy. Things slow down for a moment with the aid of “Off The Map Remix”, here DJ Concept employs slightly off-beat drums with a sombre vocal-laden string sample. Its simplicity is effective and works perfectly. Next is the rock-infused “Come On Home”, a rousing guitar-driven piece that sounds like the theme to an 80s action flick.


The fun continues as we get some solid hard-hitting instrumentals DJ Concept crafted for rap luminaries such as Nutso, Blaq Poet, Eto and the lyrical duo Keith Murray and Canibus. “Let The Guns Blow Remix” has a crunching snare that sounds like a gunshot and the moody string sample is right on the money. “Unfortunate” and “Life Remix” are next with their diverse sounds and off-the-cuff punch. The former makes use of a vocal-like sample with haunting keys while the latter’s cinematic pads drop audiences right in the middle of an urban horror flick where any wrong move could be fatal. The classic drum breaks on “No Brainer Remix” are a no-brainer (pun intended) and the use of scenic bass lines and strings is impeccable.


The project closes out with “Up In Space” and “Stand For Something” where DJ Concept shows off his range with dark sparsely arranged beats using the drum groove as the focal point.


Meditations 4 is available now through all digital retailers and streaming platforms courtesy of Crisis Center Collective.



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