The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Q.Rock639 – “Tales From The City Of Refuge”

Q.Rock639‘s newest release “Tales from the city of refuge” is an off-kilter piece that dwells on a tale of epic proportions. He take sit back to the roots of his background and his journey as a true emcee with the skillset to upset everyone else.



K1aus – “Divine Intervention”

K1aus  brings “Divine Intervention” on wax as he drops his new release. Over a bouncy soulful backdrop, he ets into his element with an unbridled energy and vivid lyrics that weave insight and a whole lot of bravado.


Vandal – “C’mon Mayne”

Vandal takes the wack emcees to the cleaners in this new banger “C’mon Mayne”. Backed by the punchy and cinematic soundscape provided by veteran producer D.R.U.G.S. Beats, Vandal sends verbal jabs and body blows toward the opposition reminding them not to step toward him. He is joined by emcee Ea$y Money who continues the verbal onslaught as well.




David GotSound – “Excellence – Remix”


UK emcee David GotSound pops back on our list with “Excellence – Remix” which sees him in his element. Over a moody drill soundscape, he details his moves as he dodges the detractors and naysayers on his journey to reach the apex.



Faton Gashi – “KIMBERLY”


UK emcee Faton Gashi returns with “KIMBERLY”, a Spanish guitar-laden track that sees him exploring the r18 side of things. His lyrics are risque, vivid, and unfiltered as he shares a one-on-one steamy session with the lady who nears the same name as the title.



Ha$h – “Nothing”


Ha$h‘s “Nothing” is a reflective tune that explores the rapper’s past life in the streets. Over a classic soul sample, he makes use of the nostalgic backdrop to bring back tough memories of his time in the trenches peddling narcotics and moving through the wolves. Far from glorifying it, he uses his situation as a cautionary tale reminding us that he paid the price and now he is a better person and implores us to stay on the straight path.






Broughton – “Harpy” (Feat. Cut Lewis)



UK emcee Broughton teams up with singer Cut Lewis for this heartfelt and upbeat single titled “Harpy”. The track dives into relationship, love, and heartbreak in Broughton’s own unique way. The single is taken off the Reloaded project.








“THRONE” is the latest release from RO$$A¥ who makes use of a moody trap backdrop to showcase his versatility and remind us of how focused on the grind he is.



Joseph Witty – “Lisa View”


Emerging rapper Joseph Witty teams up with Grammy Winning producer Conductor Williams for his new single “Lisa View”. The track is made up of reflective soulful vocal samples with no drums and sees Witty delivering a heartfelt and candid performance ripe with personal tales and his tough upbringing.




Druid_Indigo – “Saliva”


Druid_Indigo makes his entry on our list with “Saliva”, a reflective and bravado-laden track that showcases his writing prowess. He makes use of a dusty jazzy backdrop to share his thoughts on life while he searches his soul for the ultimate truth.






London-based emerging rapper HEN$HAW shares his new single “NOBODY” which sees him detailing the crippling effects of being lonely and isolated in this modern era where social media reigns supreme. “NOBODY” is the third single taken from his forthcoming debut EP SITTIN’ IN THE DARK, which is due out this summer.




Cherri V – “Crazy Stupid Love”


UK singer-songwriter Cherri V caught our ears with her new release “Crazy Stupid Love”, a soothing neo-soul/RnB record. Backed by Turkish native Harun Iyicil’s warm and soulful textures, Cherri pours her heart on wax and delivers a vulnerable and candid performance that dives into the emotions that come when experiencing unrequited love.



WiSeGuY – “Pepe Steak”


UK rap veteran WiSeGuY (f/k/a TriggaDon) gets back on the grind with this hard-hitting jam titled “Pepe Steak”. Over an organ-laden cinematic backdrop, he takes us back to the genesis and his African roots with vivid and detailed lyrical schemes and commanding vocals.



Tech G – “Don’t Chase”



Tech G‘s latest release “Don’t Chase” implores listeners not to bow to peer pressure or follow trends. He employs a dark and haunting backdrop to share this poignant message.




Shea Michael x Unkle Ricky x Tinywiings – “Diamond Eyes”


“Diamond Eyes” is a bouncy pop-infused record that sees Shea Michael and Tinywiings teaming up over the upbeat backdrop provided by Unkle Ricky. The chorus is catchy and the verses are well-crafted too. It’s perfect for a warm summer night of celebration.


Isaac Ray – “Slow Up”


Isaac Ray shares his self-produced track “Slow Up”, which displays his go-getter mentality and how he stays focused on the main goals. He utilizes a smooth melodic flow to deliver his candid lines.




Joe Stu – “Crashland”


Multi-faceted rapper Joe Stu comes through with “Crashland”, taken from his collaborative EP with UK-based producer Yeshen. Backed by the producer’s haunting and dynamic soundscape, Joe Stu delivers an engaging performance with his animated flow and knack for the penning of kilter and vivid lyrics. The duo met via SoundCloud collaboration and built a working relationship. Eventually, this process began to mold into the Across Waters EP.




King Mane – “Style Switch”


King Mane takes the “Style Switch” literally on his new song as he makes use of a punchy and cinematic backdrop and the result is a display of skill. He employs different cadences and flows throughout the song.




AR – “No Cursing”


AR has something new titled “No Cursing” which is a display of fiery flows and off-kilter lyrics over the bass-heavy and sparsely arranged club backdrop.



Len Bowen – “Million Dollar Baby”



Len Bowen comes through with “Million Dollar Baby” which sees him teaming up with Asun Eastwood, and JRDN. Backed by the punchy and lively backdrop by Tough Dumplin, the emcees deliver a plethora of motivation and aspirational lyrics that everyone can appreciate. “Million Dollar Baby” is featured on the Years in the Making EP.





Mo Moshiri – “Eye Deal” (feat. Orilla & Lee)



Sweatshop Union’s Mo Moshiri drops his new single “Eye Deal” featuring Orilla & Lee which is the first follow-up track to Moshiri’s 2019 album Can I Tell You Something. The result is a bouncy crisp beat from both Mo Moshiri and Rob the Viking, guest vocals from Lee (Sweatshop Union, Pigeon Hole), and posthumously from Orilla (Grossbuster, Tuff Jelly). The track pays homage to Victoria, BC artist Orilla, who suddenly passed away in March 2019, leaving a void in the community he was so heavily involved in. Orilla’s vocals can be heard on the hook, delivering a bittersweet ode to dreaming big and believing in the power of self.




Sadat X – “Everyone Has A Story” ft Jay Worthy & Khrysis


Legendary NY emcee Sadat X teams up with Jay Worthy and producer/rapper Khrysis for “Everyone Has A Story”. The soulful cut sees Bompton native Jay Worthy, Khrysis trading vivid story-laden bars with Sadat X. The track is the second leak from his forthcoming Dough Networkz Presents (Osbe Chill, TF) LP F.N.T.G.


Smallz – “Sounds Like Summer”


Smallz‘ “Sounds Like Summer” is an ode to the warmest season and to the lady whom he has his eye on. Over the sublime and groovy backdrop produced by Milton-based producer Frizzy, Smallz delivers a blend of smooth melodic runs with adulation filled lyrical performance.




James Favron x LTtheMonk – “Better Days (REMIX)”


Multi-talented singer, rapper, and musician James Favron teams up with rapper LTtheMonk for his new release “Better Days (REMIX)” A rousing rock-infused hip-hop track that explores the dark times but as their determination grows, things will surely get better.




OTC – “Right Now”



UK rapper OTC reflects the life-changing experiences they had in “Right Now”. A moody and haunting trap track sees the emcees finding a new life after finding God and how they steered their way from the street life.




Tiny Anthem x Juice Bruns – “Catch a Vibe”


Baltimore rapper Juice Bruns and Danish producer/musician Tiny Anthem team up for a groovy dance-infused collaboration titled “Catch a Vibe”. The result is a fun-filled jam that taps into summer time parties and retro sounds that everyone can enjoy wile soaking in the sun’s rays. As usual, Tiny Anthem is producing and playing guitar, bass, and keys and Juice Bruns wrote the lyrics and raps.




MARTH – “Can’t Keep Choosing You”


Netherland MARTH closes out the list with this groovy club banger titled “Can’t Keep Choosing You”. The upbeat jam is a blend of r&b/funk/dance with a hiphop swagger. The grooves are underpinned by Mr. Weazley‘s vibrant and engaging vocals that keep listeners locked from start to finish. “Can’t Keep Choosing You” is about the duel between your rationality and your desires that comes with tirelessly chasing the person of your dreams.

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