Lxnny returns with another single release from his new project ‘Lord, Protect Us.’ The single “Holy Grail Kush” is sure to transcend listeners into a dream realm driven by cosmic melodies. His lyrical flow emanates a Hip Hop trippy vibe, ideal to blaze up and get lifted.

Listen to “Bendin Blocks” also off the new album Grab Your Homeboys/Girls and Join Lxnny in “Bendin’ Blocks” • Word Is Bond (thewordisbond.com)

In just a little over one minute, Lxnny delivers some gems on how to keep moving in our ever-changing world. In order to be like Jordan, one must play their position and in order to survive, one must protect their family and money.

“Holy Grail Kush” serves as an escape from reality but also gives folks something to think about and reflect on. Stream the single and connect with Lxnny below. Stream/download/purchase the full album of ‘Lord, Protect us’ here on Bandcamp https://lxnny.bandcamp.com/album/lord-protect-us.






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