As Occult A/V prepares to drop his Ghost Pulse EP., he shares the new instrumental single “Tide Pools” as a precursor. The track is a moody and dreamy piece ripe with pulsating synths, ethereal arpeggios with sparse drum grooves, and cinematic sound design to boot. There is quite a lot to unpack on this one as it’s layered and employs different elements that are weaved seamlessly.

Occult A/V is a solo electronic project of David Kumler whose musical maestro traverses multiple genres and was debuted with a trilogy of EPs released over the course of Summer 2021. The new EP Ghost Pulse sees Occult A/V leaning heavily on hip-hop style beat-making, combined with Burial-Esque vocal sampling and, on some tracks, driving rhythms reminiscent of South African gqom.

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