Sun Zoo feat. Haruka Nakamura – Just Music

Fellow Youtuber EvanAwake has released another mash up compilation album of his for ya’ll to download.  Make sure you check out his previous stuff here and check out his channel.

01.Muneshine feat. 9th Wonder – Imagine That
02.Crown City Rockers feat. Kenichiro Nishihara – Another Day
03.Choclair feat. Woodblue & Kenji Ushigome – The Essence
04.Sun Zoo feat. Bloc Party – Victims
05.PackFM feat. Nomak – Lessons
06.Jurassic 5 feat. Bulljun – What’s Golden
07.Atmosphere feat. m-taku – They Call It
08.J-Live feat. Cold Legistics – Walkman Music
09.Prozack Turner feat. Ancient Astronauts – Wonderful Life
10.Shing02 feat. Think Twice & David Ryshpan – Luv (Sic) Part 3
11.Lone Catalysts feat. Resolved Dissonance – World Famous
12.Sun Zoo feat. Haruka Nakamura – Just Music
13.Promoe feat. bugseed – These Walls Don’t Lie
14.Louis Logic & R-Son feat. Kuddie Fresh – Logic And Reason
15.Wildflower feat. Urbs & Cutex – Good Girl Gone Bad
16.Blumentopf & Raptile feat. Kenichiro Nishihara – Sei Da
17.Fundament feat. Suff Daddy – Go In!



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