We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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WibeZz – “Hustler”


German producer WibeZz caught our attention with his new instrumental titled “Hustler.” The beat is cinematic and moody and makes use of solemn and ominous textures laid over punchy drums




Vicstradamus – “Landslide”


Vicstradamus shares something new on our playlist in the form of this beat titled “Landslide.” The beat is somewhat moody and trippy with its lush and layered sound design and soft drum grooves.




Jomy – “Booper”

Jomy drops this new beat titled “Booper” taken from his recently released instrumental compilation titled Coffee Breaks Vol. 1. The track is a bass-heavy and solemn track ripe with reflective elements and layered atmospheric tetxures.




Suff Daddy  – “Jean Baptiste Emanuel Suff”

Suff Daddy is in his funk bag as he drops this bouncy track titled “Jean Baptiste Emanuel Suff”  on our playlist. Ripe with pulsating funk synths, lush keys and a punchy drum groove, Suff Daddy sure brings the good to the forefront. The track is taken from his new LP Basically Sober.




Claptu – “Nazaré (Instrumental)”

Austrian producer Claptu caught our ears with his new release “Nazaré (Instrumental),” a soothing piece made up of soft drum grooves, lush keys, and solemn strings to match. A solid addition to one’s relaxing playlist.



Chatterless – “So Close”

Canadian producer Chatterless‘s “So Close” has a nostalgic vibe with its atmospheric arps and soft synths. The drums are well-crafted and are sparsely arranged to give the instrumental space to breathe.




Heitech – “Cactus City”

German producer Heitech leads us into “Cactus City” in his new release. The layered production is cinematic and ripe with slick guitar riffs, dreamy piano chords, soft atmospheric textures layered over a slow drum groove.





Strand of Rope – “Today”


Producer Strand of Rope makes his entry on our site with  “Today” a horn-driven beat ripe with punchy drums, moody textures and some vocal chants to accompany the improvised progression.

Fayelo – “The Mill”

Fayelo shares his new release titled “The Mill” and it’s a solemn and alluring piece that is made up of somber piano keys, lush textures, and soft drum grooves to match.


Psalm Trees x Moods – “Santiago”


“Santiago” is a collaboration between Rotterdam residents Moods and Psalm Trees who team up to craft this soothing and nostalgia-inducing piece. Ripe with warm pulsating basslines, lush Rhodes arrangement, and a head-nodding drum groove. It’s the second single off the Essentials Spring 2022 (out March 16).


Sly5thAve – “El Momento”


“El Momento” is the second single from instrumentalist Sly5thAve and pianist Roberto Verástegui. The track is a sublime retro-tinged cinematic piece ripe with layered elements from moody strings, lush keys, and crisp horns to boot.
It’s taken from the project Agua de Jamaica (out 25th March), a collaborative effort between producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka II AKA Sly5thAve and pianist and composer Roberto Verástegui.


Jonny Rythmns – “Third Stone From The Pizzaria”


Emerging producer Jonny Rythmns shares his beat titled “Third Stone From The Pizzaria” on our list. The track drums are soft and well crafted and the use of rock guitar riffs with atmospheric synths work well.


Ogi feel the Beat – “Second Expirience”


Ogi feel the Beat shares “Second Expirience” on our list and it’s a classic mix of boombap drum grooves and lofi jazz elements. From dusty horns, airy vocal samples and warm basslines to match.


Jonny Rythmns – “Get Aggressive”


Jonny Rythmns makes his second entry on our site with his new beat titled “Get Aggressive.” A sparse rapid drum groove with dark synths and arps, it’s simple and well-crafted.


la.Flash.makes.Phonk – “DO OR DIE”


la.Flash.makes.Phonk flips a classic r&b sample with screwed vocals on his new release “DO OR DIE” The result is a nostalgia-inducing trap banger ripe with that classic mid-west bounce


Meister Lampe – “Trubač”


Swiss worldbeat producer Meister Lampe returns with his new release “Trubač” as the year starts. The track is filled with warm bass lines, sparse drums, organs, and lush guitar riffs to boot. It’s quite soothing and relaxing.


Q.Rock639 – “Growth-Instrumental”


Emerging producer Q.Rock639 caught our ears with his new beat titled “Growth-Instrumental” The track is as cinematic as they come and is layered as well. It is dark and also has an urgent feel to it. Anime-inspired track for the upcoming “Urban Avant-Garde” series.

Scott Royal – “Mind Drift Away”


“Mind Drift Away” is a somber and soothing track provided by producer Scott Royal. The track is ripe with lush piano keys, warm textures, and a pulsating bassline to math the punchy drum grooves.




FILSER & FRIENDS close out this list with his new single titled “Jouri” a dreamy piece compromised of somber keys, alluring lo-fi textures, and a punchy drum groove. “Jouri” is a new single of the project “FILSER & FRIENDS”.

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