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Sosa – “Celestite”

German/Ghanaian producer SOSA shares new single “Celestite” which caught our attention. The track is a soulful and groovy tune comprised of sultry low tones, moody G funk basslines, and an undeniable tetxure.

Born in Berlin to Ghanaian parents, SOSA benefited from multicultural music influences as he explored the rhythms of West Africa and Central Europe as a drummer at an early age.



Tinfold – “Ring Hello”

Tinfold makes his entry on our list with an ethereal and sublime track titled “Ring Hello.” Made up of punchy drums, airy synths, wobbly arps and vocal samples, the track really shines with the way it progresses.

The track is his second loose single following my latest album Taking Shape.

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Moka Only – “Happily Disturbed”

Vancouver-based veteran rapper/producer Moka Only delivers a new single “Happily Disturbed” as he prepares to drop his instrumental LP In and of Itself later in the year. The record is a mellow infusion of West coast funk elements laced with jazz undertones. From the hick bass lines, groovy drum patterns, and layered sampling style, Moka Only sure brings something different to the fore.





Vicstradamus – “Replica”

Vicstradamus goes for an ominous and somewhat dark aesthetic with “Replica,” a new beat that strays from the norm. He makes use of swirling arps, soft drums, and distorted basslines to make this different.

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Suff Daddy – “Super Breakout”

Suff Daddy delivers his last single “Super Breakout” before the arrival of his instrumental LP Basically Sober. “Super Breakout” is a funky tune that rocks the speakers with its pulsating disco aesthetics. From the pulsating Moog-bass, lush textures, and undeniable bounce, Suff Daddy delivers the goods.

Pre-order Basically Sober here.

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e.kwality x dustluv – “Be Kind”

Austrian producers e.kwality and dustluv share their new release titled “Be Kind.” The track is a somber and reflective piece made up of soft tones, mellow keys and a steady drum groove to boot.




kassamanno – “Absolution”

“Absolution” by kassamanno is a soothing and relaxing piece that is perfect for an evening seance away from the madness of the world. From the lush guitar plucks, pulsating basslines to the soft drums,kassamanno sure delivers the goods.

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DaMarcus VanBuren – “Chimes – Instrumental Version”

DaMarcus VanBuren shares “Chimes – Instrumental Version,” a punchy but moody tune ripe with upbeat trap drums and solemn flute-like synths and exotic keys.

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Dialekt – “Good Morning Gorgeous”



UK producer Dialekt shares the new release “Good Morning Gorgeous,” a heartfelt and relaxing beat made up of dreamy piano chords, lush horns, and sublime textures that match the vibe of Valentine’s Day.


ZoundEffects – “Desolate”

ZoundEffects‘s “Desolate” is a moody and cinematic piece that hits the mark. From the thick pulsating basslines, trippy synths, and punchy trap drum grooves, the producer crafts a solid beat that rocks.



Kwame Brown – “Breathe Easy Darling”

Kwame Brown‘s new release “Breathe Easy Darling” is a mellow, heartfelt piece ripe with bouncy drums and somber instrumentation. It’s quite atmospheric and sublime from top to bottom.

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Cloudness – “Manifest”


Swiss producer Cloudness goes for something sublime and subtle on his new release “Manifest.” A blend of punchy drums, reflective and nostalgic textures to boot.

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El Monko – “Lucidity”


El Monko brings a refreshing offering title “Lucidity” to our list. From the sublime textures, airy atmospheric swellings, pads, and sparse drums to match. The result is quite dynamic, moody, and engulfing.

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McDead – “Whistler”


Kev McDead is a UK-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Colchester UK, currently based in Belgrade Serbia. His new release “Whistler” is a dark and ominous piece ripe with trippy textures, sparse drum groove arrangements, and an overall cinematic feel that grips the listeners from start to finish.

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Lnoer – “Nonpolitical”


Finnish producer Lnoer goes for an expressive and experimental vibe on his new release titled “Nonpolitical.” The track has a gloomy atmosphere and is made up of moody textures, reversed sound designs, sliced vocals, and punchy drums.

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Sátyr & Wishes and Dreams – “Summer Glow”


“Summer Glow” is a sublime and nostalgic piece by German producers Sátyr & Wishes and Dreams. The track is a mellow guitar-laden piece ripe with crisp piano chords, warm textures, and soft drum grooves to match.




2 Dialogue – “Purple Crystal”

2 Dialogue is the brainchild of Italian composer/producer Claudio. His new release “Purple Crystal” is a blend of lofi, soul, and experimental elements that showcases his versatile production prowess.

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mntgmry – “Sway”

Rising producer mntgmry shares the new single “Sway” which is a mid-tempo guitar-driven beat ripe with punchy drum grooves and crisp keys.




Ogi feel the Beat, Kick A Dope Verse! – “Midnight Expression”


Ogi feel the Beat closes out the list with this collaboration with Kick A Dope Verse! titled “Midnight Expression.” The track is a mellow and reflective piece ripe with lush riffs, basslines, and punchy drums. The track is off a compilation of beats released via proper Russian underground label, Cassete minded.
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