NY, NY’s empowered boss Ladi Miz also acclaimed independent artist/songwriter/author/entrepreneur/CEO of From Da Ground Up Productions and Peace Mentoring LLC, announces the world premiere of her new project titled ‘Family Business.’ The 10-track album is a compilation featuring Miz, her children and husband, her uncle, and close friends who she refers to as family. These features include Seriah Alexus, Ian95, Papi Fortune, Mason, Uncle J, CashOnAble, Doube R, Nasir, with production from DopeBoyzMuzic, don P, Contageous, KingCharlie, Prince, JefeGot1, D’Monstah, Tone Jonez, Post humousProductions, Tru Stylze, and Mista. Listeners and audiences immediately are introduced to this star-studded family cast.

“I wanted to show the world our bond as a unit, hence the title. I wanted to give my family the opportunity to show off their diverse and unique creativity along with a captivating booth entrance.”

‘Family Business’ serves as an R&B/Hip Hop collective that emanates a vibe music enthusiasts embrace…refreshing, infectious, and nostalgic. One record from the album “Freedom” is already topping indie charts worldwide and grips a harsh reality along with unyielding emotions. Impeccable lyricism, polished wordplay, and substance drive the revolutionary, yet invigorating record. “I can’t breathe cause I get no respect get your foot off my back and your knee off my neck, we suspect cause our skin is black we say black lives matter but they always deflect.”  Miz goes on to vividly describe being under attack while trying to break free from genocidal chains.

All 10 tracks from ‘Family Business’ bring to light unparalleled realness that reflects communities in distress, spirituality, humility, but also a vivid sense of empowerment delivered in Ladi Miz fashion; to uplift and teach. Be sure to get your copy of ‘Family Business’ and connect with Ladi Miz below.

‘Family Business’ available exclusively at ladimiz.com/music

Connect with Ladi Miz and family below.

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