The Boston duo G Dot & Born link up with West coast veteran Planet Asia on God Vibes. A laid back piano driven head nodder. Fully displaying the 90s aesthetic with nothing but dope flows over thick drums, this track totally echoes said era without an atom of doubt.

Hit the play button and peep the visuals.

In 2015, there’s only a hand full of artists that can create music that evokes the pure emotion of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era; G  dot & Born are among this small circle. After developing their craft alongside the legendary underground phenom, Edo G, on last year’s Confidence Presents G dot & Born, the Boston boys are back at it in full force with “God Vibes.” With it’s subtle piano tones and head nodding drums, producer Ben Hedibi provides a captivating background for you to get lost in the poetry of the aforementioned Bostonians. To make the cypher complete, verbal assassin, Planet Asia illuminates the track with a middle 16 that complements the efforts of each artist in a video that shows us a day in the life of each spitter. There’s no word as to whether or not “God Vibes” will have G dot & Born back into the studio for another project,
but make sure you pick the loosie up on iTunes today from the good folks at Audible Cons.
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*Directed by CEO Productions



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