Brain rapp dropped this somewhat sombre track titled “Not Today” a while back. Well maybe I shouldn’t totally call it sombre but rather a pure sober reflection of his timeline(and I don’t necessarily mean facebook or twitter).

He raps if 30 is the new 20s,then 20 is the new teen, I guess he’s right. Damn i feel old already. Anyways hit the play button and ease into the visuals crafted by Guru media group.

Another solid output if I do say so myself.

The video, directed by Guru Media Group, follows Brain Rapp as he journeys to some of the places important to him as a child. The freshly fallen snow acts as the perfect compliment to an already chill track.

Song description: Have you noticed that the drunken party photos that once filled your Facebook feed have slowly been replaced by tasteful engagement and wedding photos? Brain has. Getting older is unavoidable and some days it feels more imminent than others. On “Not Today”, produced by Jazz Liberatorz, Brain talks about the future, reminisces about the past all while dealing with the present.



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