Producer Dnoh The Human has been featured on out top instrumental submissions before an now he hits us with some solid pieces from his stash. Let’s sit back and carefully examine them.

The first cut on the menu is titled “Overnight.” The beat has a dark, moody vibe with its laidback pads and a haunting vocal synth all layered over hard-hitting trap drums. I like the fact that he doesn’t try to overdo it and keeps it somewhat minimal where new elements get introduced in the chorus so nothing is rowdy. Interesting beat and. it’s very crisp too.

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The second beat is titled “Passage” and while it sure has the trap theme as its foundation, this is more of a downtempo and solemn feel. The synths are moody and hazy, you can call it melancholic too. There is a weird blip effect that comes through every bar which I felt could have been toned down but doesn’t distract much. Again, the minimalistic approach is prevalent here, the beat is crisp and far from rowdy so vocals can easily cut through the mix without dampening the thumping effect of the beat.

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In a nutshell, Dnoh The Human sure deliver the goods with these beats, his style is very detailed and he always has the rapper/vocalist in mind when he makes the beats.  be sure to give his music a listen and follow him on all social media platforms below.


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