It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Jon Baylor – “Blood Dragon”

Jon Baylor opens up this week’s list with the vintage vibes of “Blood Dragon.” He crafts a nice chilled beat with lush textures and a solid groove to match.
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Socotra – “Dusty”

“Dusty” by Socotra is a smooth, relaxing beat by UK based producer Socotra. Steeped in the lo-fi genre, he crafts a beat ripe with dreamy synths, pads and nostalgia-inducing keys to complete the mission.
“Dusty” is taken from the 3rd edition of his lo-fi study beats beat EP.
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Rats In The Attik – “Mellowed”

Rats In The Attik stays true to the title of his beat “Mellowed.” He makes use of solemn piano chords, thick basslines and punchy drum arrangement to deliver a chilled beat that everyone can rock to. The way he layered each instrument is solid too, crisp and punchy.
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Meister Lampe – “Vico”

on “Vico”, Swiss producer Meister Lampe flips an obscure folklore sample for his entry into our list. Lush violins, chopped vocals make up the bulk of this laidback beat to give it a modern-day styled eclectic vibe.
He is currently working on his new EP «Travel Lightly»

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Prismic Delight – “Sonic Wallflower”

Prismic Delight crafts a cinematic piece titled “Sonic Wallflower.” This is pretty alluring and nostalgia-inducing in many ways. From the lush bass guitars, dreamy synths, and soft drums to match.


Baz Buco – “Send It”

Brooklyn based Baz Buco ramps up the energy on the list with a vibrant beat he calls “Send It.” A solid fusion of trap drums, brass instruments, and jazz keys. The beat is quite dynamic and features 6+ horn players (trumpets, trombones, saxophones, etc), an organ player, and vox samples over the hard-hitting drum arrangement. Get it on Soundcloud



Andrew Mansfield – “Endless Cities”

Andrew Mansfield ‘s “Endless Cities” is a moody, ominous beat that sounds like something out of a 90s action flick. The thick drums employed here are layered with airy psychedelic textures and a thick bassline to match.
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NICO.x3 takes us “BEYOND THE WAVES” with this uplifting and inspirational vibes. This is very chilled and relaxing from start to finish.
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Sloe – “Filth”

Sloe‘s new single “Filth” is a solid piece that builds up slowly and picks up with harsh lead textures, vibrant trap drums, and airy synths. It has a dark, cinematic feel as well.
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NOCASINO – “Betty”


NOCASINO flips a nice soul sample for his song “Betty.” The song is actually an interlude and works well for the few minutes it comes on. Very simple and reflective
“Betty” is taken from his new tape The Usual Suspects

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Dnoh The Human – “Phase”

Dnoh The Human takes us through a new “Phase” which serves as a nice switch up for the list. From the solemn keys and slow build-up, the producer sure taps into a more emotional vibe for this beat.


BLKLDG – “Enjoy the Breathing”

Italy based BLKLDG’s “Enjoy the Breathing” is quite engaging with it’s layered ethereal textures and rumbling drums. It’s unique and quite solemn too.

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Boora – “Crimea”

Straight out of Sovetsk (Tilsit), Russia comes producer Boora with the chilling vibes of “Crimea.” The beat is very reflective and emotional while the boom-bap drums he layers the instruments over are thick as ever.

“Crimea” is the first single off his upcoming LP Soundogolism 2
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