It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Nico.x3 shares the title track for his new EP Midnight Oasis to usher in the weekend. A nice blend of funky percussions and summery textures, very soothing and well suited to relax the mind.

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 Sbeady – “The Blues of Red Sunsets”

Sbeady provides us with the soothing beat titled “The Blues of Red Sunsets,” a solemn piano-laden piece that is both solemn and reflective. Well crafted and engaging.



Chill Select & Big O – “Lost in the Abyss”

“Lost in the Abyss” is a soothing piece by Big O, a very relaxing beat that is ripe with dreamy textures and sparkling keys with smooth drums to match.




RINZ. – “Anew”

RINZ comes through with a soothing, summer-tinged beat titled “Anew.” Built on warm guitars, smooth basslines, and soft drums, the track is very soothing and well suited for a late-night study or relaxing backdrop during house chores. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//



Dnoh The Human – “Dark Side”

Dnoh The Human is an emerging producer and his new release “Dark Side” strikes a chord. It has a moody and solemn vibe with its dark texture and 808 laden trap drums. Simple but effective.

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Mac James – “Funkedemia”

Mac James’s “Funkedemia” is a solid piece that has retro jazzy vibe with its lush keys and warm bassline to match. This is perfect for a cool afternoon drive around the boulevard.
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Toru – “stay in play”

Toru taps into the energy of summer with his new release “stay in play.” This has a mellow, sun-drenched vibe with its lush textures and nostalgic vibe.
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Poetics – “Away”

“Away” by Poetics is a mellow, melancholic beat that touches the soul in many ways. It is very soothing and calming and sure is perfect for relaxation and study time as well.
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Reli Beats – “Heaven”

Reli Beats makes his entry on our list with “Heaven,” a chilled mellow vibe. The guitar riffs are nostalgic, soothing and the soft drums sure match the energy. Get it on Spotify.




Sieko Zalente – “Lyfe’s Allure”

Sieko Zalente ramps up the energy with this ear-grabbing beat he calls “Lyfe’s Allure.” The soundscape is somewhat dark, ominous, and somewhat spacey as well.
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Sam Rye x Kyle Secor – “V.U.”


“V.U.” by Sam Rye x Kyle Secor is very solemn and introspective. The duo makes use of a lush soulful texture rife with pitched-up vocals and a soft drum to match. This is the 3rd single off their upcoming album CANO.

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PĒPL – “Mountain Dwellers”

PĒPL‘s “Mountain Dwellers” really strays from the norm with its eclectic arrangement. The atmospheric leads, lush textures, and smooth drums are well crafted and hit the mark.

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BEAL BEATS goes for a smooth, solemn vibe with “MINUTES.” He blends a nice smooth texture and smooth live drums to match. Well-crafted from start to finish. Get it on Spotify



K-laz – “Still Mellow”

Swedish DJ and beatmaker K-laz flips the classic sample and makes something incredible on his beat titled “Still Mellow.” He makes use of a familiar portion on the main section but he sure chops up some interesting parts on other sections. He also throws in some standard vocal scratching into the mix. “Still Mellow” is the title track from his first instrumental album.  Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud




Murrao – “Laizie Bee”

Straight out of Bucharest, Romania comes producer Murrao with his new release titled “Laizie Bee.” The beat has a vibrant feel with its high pitched flute synths, upbeat trap drums, and lush soundscape.
He is also a Deejay.

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