Dnoh the Human is back at it again and now he gives us two new beats to consume as the midweek hits. The beats in question are “Exhausted” and “Phase 2.” Let’s take some time to examine them, shall we?


The first beat is titled “Exhausted” and it’s very calming. He makes use of an Oriental-Esque flute and slinky guitars layered over the rumbling trap drums. I also noticed that the 808s are not so prominent here hence it feels pretty different but it sure makes for a soothing and relaxing beat.

Get it on Youtube//Soundcloud

“Phase 2” is the second beat from Dnoh and this has a very ominous and cinematic feel. The drums are softer than the previous track while the dark synths and moody textures take center stage. The way he layered the sounds are quite engaging and again well structured and far from rowdy.

Get it on Youtube//Soundcloud



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