It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Dnoh The Human – “New League”


Dnoh The Human opens up the list with a dark synth-driven trap banger titled “New League.” The beat is quite vibrant to start with and switches up halfway into a more moody vibe. Well-crafted and engaging.
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So.Lo – “Morning”

Turin, Northern Italy based producer So.Lo delivers some soothing vibes with this aptly titled track “Morning.” He makes use of lush guitar licks, warm chords, and head nodding drums to complete the job.
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aida skee – “put me there”


aida skee flips a classic RnB sample on his beat titled “put me there.” he chops up the guitar licks and vocal parts in a very surgical manner over the laidback drum arrangement and fuses them nicely.
“put me there” is taken from his newest beat tape, Mach Leisure— which a tape of LA beat style instrumentals sampling mostly HiFi 70’s r&b.



Icaza – “Just missing it”

Paraguayan producer, Icaza makes his debut on our list with a guitar-driven beat titled “Just missing it.” This has a retro-tinged vibe and cinematic feel. It’s very reflective and warm too.
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Lames – “Sorry I’ve Been Distant, I’ve Been Tired Lately”

Lames‘s “Sorry I’ve Been Distant, I’ve Been Tired Lately” is a smooth, mellow lo-fi beat that is calming. The sample chops are solid and work well with the drum arrangement. Solid stuff.
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pres.morris – “”

Virginian producer Pres.morris wants to uplift our spirits with this soulful bop titled “” The title reflects his mental state regarding the recent pandemic where he implores us to not give in tot he madness. He flips a classic 80s RnB cut that real heads would recognize and gives it a whole new life with solid chops and mellow drums. He adds that it’s a perfect song for smoke sessions and late-night drives.
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Theo Deleo – “Don’t Trust the Police”

Theo Deleo is a Swedish producer based in Malmö who makes use of weird samples from video games, 90s sitcoms etc on his beats. On his new track “Don’t Trust the Police,” he delivers a groovy lo-fi jam that feels like something from a vintage flick. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer



Tinfold – “Out of My Element”


St. Louis, MO-based producer who goes by the moniker Tinfold shares “Out of My Element,” a mellow synth-driven beat. The build-up is quite engaging and it’s also reflective in many ways. “Out of My Element” is the second to last track on his upcoming album. His first EP, ‘Music Inspired by the Desert’, was released on July 19, 2019. Get it on Spotify



xRGB – “Fuck. Relief.”

xRGB goes for a somewhat dark introspective vibe on his new release “Fuck. Relief.” The lush instrumentation is moving and has a weird ominous feel to it as well. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud




SlimYungMan – “YAGE”

SlimYungMan returns to our top list with “YAGE.” A smooth guitar lick-driven beat rife with reflective strings and soft drums to match. “YAGE” is taken from his EP



CLAYRANGE – “Voyager”

CLAYRANGE is a music producer from Tokyo/Japan and on his newest release “Voyager” he takes us to the deepest parts of space. He makes use of soft haunting vocal-like synths and dreamy arps over head-nodding drums to match. He debuted on the Swedish house label in 2004 and has been a music producer and a DJ for about 15 years. In July 2020, he started a new project as CLAYRANGE.

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CHEF KAY brings us back “FROM THE OTHER SIDE” on this smooth boom-bap jam. He crafts a solid beat that exudes the classic 90s Hip-hop vibe with lush piano chops, smooth basslines, and punchy drums.



Botram – “Mountains”

“Mountains” is the newest track by Antwerp based musician Botram. A chilled out instrumental hip hop track with an electronica touch.




LADLX – “Tick Tick Smokers Itch (Instrumental)”

London Born Electronic Music Producer & Songwriter, LADLX makes his way to our list with “Tick Tick Smokers Itch (Instrumental).” A smooth blend of laidback chords, 90s boom-bap drums, and then some. This is pretty sentimental in some ways. Get it on Deezer



Kub – “Quick”

Kub shows us how the Bboys & B girls get down with his new vibrant Bboy beat titled “Quick.” The drums are wild as expected and the sample flip is top-notch from start to finish. SO many solid samples flipped on this one and only real musicians can catch all of them. KUB is not only a Mad Scientist when it comes to the production, he’s also an Artist / Animator, Vinyl Spinning Bboy from the Battalions Cru Newcastle Upon Tyne.
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SoBe – “Breezy”

“Breezy” by SoBe is a calming piece that is rife with lush guitar licks and dreamy textures layered in a near-perfect fashion. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer



Kudda – “Ukuu”

Missouri raised producer/pianist Kudda makes his first appearance on our list with “Ukuu.” The beat is a nice laidback bop that flips a classic jazz sample and revamps it in a very different manner. It’s very solemn and sure works well as a jam to rock with while doing chores or driving down the breezy afternoon. He is currently a music major in school, specializing in his studies in Jazz.





Monoboi – “Slowly And Surely”

German electronic musician Monoboi makes his debut on our list with “Slowly And Surely.” A cinematic and driving beat that sounds like a mix of DnB, hip-hop, and breakbeat. It has a dark synth section, warm bassline, and rumbling drums that make up the meat and potatoes of the instrumental. There is also a low vocal sample that repeats every now and then.

Monoboi adds that the track represents a political statement and deals with the fear of being watched and controlled by the government. His forthcoming project ‘Year of the Wolf’ will be available everywhere February 12, 2021, on Neolodic (label) and supported by Monoboi and his friends touring Germany and the surrounding countries.

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