Emerging singer/songwriter Denzel Wilson delivers the visuals for his new single “Fiesta.”  A Spanish guitar-laden track that captures sensuality at its peak laced sith sultry melodic runs by the young artist.

Wilson delivers an alluring performance with his passionate harmonies and lyrics about wanting to be intimate with a woman who could be detrimental to his being. It’s a feeling everyone has felt one time or the other and Wilson vividly captures the feeling with his silky vocals peppered by the lush grooves.

The visuals are directed, shot, and edited by Ryan.Bjazz who crafts a cinematic backdrop to bring the song to life. With its moody and somewhat dark aesthetics, the video captures the passion and lust that follows Wilson as he gives in to his vices. Actress Denise Tejada plays the femme fatale in the video.

“Fiesta” is taken from his new project SILHOUETTE. Get SILHOUETTE on all DSPs here.

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