LA Based NYC emcee Forsyth brings the entire squad on the remix of his song “Hat Trick.” The cinematic production that bolsters the track sees him working with Cam James, Clyde Kelly, J. Writing, and the legendary Jadakiss.

The track is a straight bar-fest and showcases each emcee bringing their unique individual styles to the forefront.

Forsyth, fresh out of NYC and now based in Los Angeles, is a hip-hop artist who is bringing back that early/mid 2000’s feel with a combination of witty lyrics, a punchy flow and a wide variety of sounds & style. He traverses multiple genres ranging from turn-up to story-telling rap and R&B, all glued together by catchy melodies and hooks. In late 2018, Forsyth released his first solo studio album titled ‘Somewhere In Between’. Since then, he has amassed over 200,000 streams thanks to an organic fan base, blog features (Gems & Secrets, Bong Mines Ent.) collaborating with brands and releasing follow up acts including a 3-Part EP series titled ‘All Good Things Come in 3’s’. Forsyth has worked with a variety of different artists including Jadakiss, JackEL, Cam James, Clyde Kelley and more. He has also performed at notable venues including Soho House (Hollywood), the MGM Grand in Las Vegas & Piano’s (East Village, NYC).

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