Jboz and Au Perry have teamed up to release a collaborative project entitled A Different Place. The 6 track body of work is an exploration of sounds and melodic styles underpinned by uplifting and positive vibes.


“A Different Place” sets the tone with its rich and atmospheric synths and downtempo bass-heavy trap drums underpinned by layered melodic runs and expressive songwriting that is anchored on finding one’s comfort zone far from the madding noise. This is followed by the exotic sounds of “Odyssey”, here the artists talk about their work ethic and the never-ending struggle they had to overcome. From questioning the motives of friends to being rattled by the amount of work to be done in life, the artists lament about the limited time they have with lines like “So much in life, can’t get it right/looking for all the signs/” but they are determined to make the best out of it regardless. The third track “Seasons” is an anthemic jam that is focused on having an indomitable spirit and glowing resilience in the face of adversity. Backed by the punchy drum groove, dark synth bells and moody textures, the duo shows a glimpse into their daily grind with lines like “And I’m working this hard for a reason/ In a minute trying to make it right/saying baby this is off-season no I ain’t taking advice/And I’m swimming this long in the deep end/ demons trying to visit me at night”. It is pertinent that nothing stops them from reaching their goals and the duo are not slowing down for nobody.


On “Aura”, audiences are introduced to the haunting synth soundscape and punchy trap drums. Once again, Jboz and Au Perry deliver their characteristic melody-driven raps with a mixed result, for me anyway. The track is bouncy but panders to the usual trap tropes in a way. On “Elevated”, they continue their go-getter message and winning mentality. As the title suggests, it’s all about rising to the occasion and elevating from the bottom.  The final track “Revival” is a fusion of surreal pads and synths with dark trap elements. Here, the duo closes the project out with a playful, irreverent and bravado-driven performance.


Overall, A Different Place surely goes into a different territory with its sound and overarching themes. The topics are not extremely varied but get the job done as they stay close to their core roots.





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