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CYNE Announces “All My Angles Are Right”, First Full Length Album in 5 Years

CYNE (Cultivating Your New Experience) formed by Cise Star, Speck and Enoch, will be back next year with “All My Angels Are Right”, to be released in March 18th 2014 on Hometapes. We haven’t seen them in full form since their last release Water For Mars (2009)

“Tears For Uriah” is CYNE’s first single of “All My Angels Are Right”, and you should definitely keep and eye on this album early next year. I know I will, as a blogger and a fan.

If this single is the benchmark they are aiming for, then the album..

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AUDIO: CYNE ft. Substantial – Jakob Ladder

Following on from our preview, record label Project: Mooncircle celebrate 10 years with a special compilation of original tracks.  The song above features WIB favourites CYNE and Substantial delivering stoic and persevering rhymes.

STREAM / PURCHASE “Project: Mooncircle – 10th Anniversary Compilation” HERE

Project: Mooncircle: Twitter – Bandcamp – Website

CYNE: Website – MySpace – LastFM – Twitter – (Previous Posts)

Substantial: MySpace – Twitter – (Previous Posts)


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AUDIO: CYNE – Boxing Day

Cyne just sent this goodness in, “Boxing Day” and exclusive track for their label Hometapes compilation “The Never Ending Beginning”, available to download for FREE on BANCAMP

Check Previous Posts On CYNE

CYNE: Website – MySpace – LastFM


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AUDIO: Cyne – An Introspection

Cyne’s 2nd track from the upcoming cassette tape and digital release “Wasteland Vol. 1: Killmore”
Out December 6, 2011 on Hometapes.

CYNE returns. On the heels of the rush of Water For Mars and the resplendence of 2008’s Pretty Dark Things, Cise Star, Enoch, and Speck tell a new story in classic mixtape form. Nearly an hour of brand new vocal tracks, seriously addictive beat..

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PREVIEW: Cyne – Wasteland Vol.1 (New Mixtape, Pre-Order)

Cyne is officially back in the game!  “Wasteland Vol.1″ is their latest mixtape…. a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, with one side produced entirely by Enoch and the other produced by Speck.

“Enter Kill More” Is the first leak off this mixtape. Cyne has put together a dope exclusive of a cassette/shirt/poster combo with every pre-order. Don’t sleep, pre-order yours now.

CYNE returns…

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FREENESS: Cyne – The Raven (K-Murdock Remix)

Cyne – The Raven (Neosonic Remix)

CYNE hit us up late last night with this dope remix by the good brother K-Murdock. They also sent some real interesting news in relation to future projects.


“We’re also working on a reissue/remaster of our debut album, “Time Being”, for 2011. It’ll be the first time it’s available digitally and on vinyl. It’s fitting, seeing as CYNE will be celebrating a decade of releasing music.

We’ll also be releasing a limited edition beat tape, in..

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DOWNLOAD/NEWS UPDATE: Cyne – Plain English (New)

New Cyne?! Awesome news…they must be gearing up for a summer release…I am glad this amazing crew keeps releasing work every year that’s constantly dope…

I’ll definitely be on the look out for any more news coming out of this camp, as I am a big fan of the work so far.

Cyne – Plain English


Just received word from Cyne itself….scooping some fresh news about what’s in store for 2010…here’s what they had to say…

“we’re working on a release for later this year,..

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