2Pac’s death is the subject of much debate, so much so it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. One amusing development is the widespread belief that 2Pac was a victim of The Illuminati. The theory goes that a secret devil worshiping society called “The Illuminati” control much of Hollywood and the music industry. They targeted 2Pac and forced him to change his lyrical content. Under their control he was forced to change his political message and become a puppet for their evil agenda. Theorists believe this is evident in many songs in which 2Pac refers to selling his soul.

A typical Dvd on the subject called “breaking the oath”

According to the theory, proof of his membership can be found hidden within his lyrics:

I was so money orientated, initiated as a thug
Fiendin for wicked adventures, ambitious as I was
Picture a nigga on the verge of livin insane
I sold my soul for a chance to kick it and bang”

Good Life

Sellin’ my soul for material wishes, fast cars and bitches

– Smile

As most of these lyrics came from his Death Row days, many people believe he regretted selling his soul to the Illuminati and planned to leave the label. It is certainly true that behind the scenes, 2Pac was working fast to release himself from his contract with Death Row. He had become tired with Suge Knight and the constant drama. At the same time, he chose to call his new album “Makaveli: The Don Killuminati, 7 Day Theory”. But this LP would prove to be his last, he was gunned down shortly before its release. The album’s title remains one of the most mysterious in hip-hop history, but it is generally believed to be a reference to “Kill + illuminati” meaning kill the Illuminati.

Why would 2Pac call his album such a thing? Perhaps he was shot for exposing the Illuminati. And never got to release his new album alive for doing so. The theory was first mentioned to 2Pac in prison. Members of the Nation of Islam suggested it was the Illuminati who made an attempt to kill him outside a New York recording studio. This struck a chord with 2Pac who was amazed that anybody could believe this. From then on he made it his mission to educate people on the perils of believing in conspiracy theories.

In one interview he said “Im putting a K on that Illuminati shit cause thats what im doing, im killing that shit”. This is generally taken as proof he was attempting to expose a secret society. What people dont normally hear is that he goes onto say “ If these motherfuckers wanted to kill you, why would they tell the Nation Of Islam, why would they tell people in jail, how did they know? We just need to get the money, i dont give a fuck who’s face is in on there”. The symbol on the dollar is allegedly that of the Illuminati (A pyramid with an eye on top) but 2Pac is saying its of no difference.

He was making the point that we all must deal with the harsh reality of poverty versus wealth. If the Illuminati is so secret, how come everybody knows? By saying he is “killing that Illuminati shit” not only is he saying he dosn’t believe in it, but he is killing the mindset of those that worry about it. He wants people to open their minds to the bigger problems we face in our everyday lives. “Another way to keep you self-esteem low” is about the mental obstacles we create that stop our own success.

A much misunderstood song from 2Pac and The Outlawz further touches on the subject:

“Some say they expect the Illuminati to take my body to sleep
Niggas at the party with they shotties
Just as rowdy as me
Before I flee computer chips
I gotta deal wit brothas flippin
I don’t see no devils bleedin’
Only black blood drippin
We can change
Whatcha mouth say?
I’m watchin niggas work their lives out without pay
Whatever it takes to switch places wit the bustas on top
I’m bustin’ shots make the world stop
They don’t give a fuck about us “

“They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us”

I have lost count with how many times people have misquoted this song. It is a case of hearing what they want to hear. Usually they quote the line “Expect Illuminati to take my body to sleep… I flee computer chips”. And leave out the real message of the verse. 2Pac was in actual fact ridiculing those that belive in secret societies, saying the real thing to fear was the people that wanted him dead in the streets. He dosnt see devils but only the hard reality of gang related violence.

So what is it that makes people believe in this theory, even though there is so much evidence against it. The truth is people are sub-consciouslly recreating the story of 2Pac to create a martyr. A victim of secret society violence. This larger than life image allows them to believe in a super hero. People long for a deeper meaning to everything and the idea of Pac versus the New World Order is an appealing one.

There is so much that could be taken from his life and death without creating sensational falsehoods. When he was alive he touched on subjects that effected the lives of real people. In the same way Che Guevera has been hijacked to sell t-shirts (diluting his story to fund Capitalist goals). 2Pac is now the poster boy for the one thing he had no time for: Illuminati conspiracy theories.

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  • Anonymous

    Amazing post and strangely enough, I watched Tupac:  Resurrection just last night so it all feels fresh. Tupac was a smart dude.


  • We gotta use our mind; it’s the only way to happiness and Pac knew it

  • 2pac was hiphop intelligence…against the system….against the negative trying to destroy us..against evil…the government if that…but all in all he died for what he believed in…Martyr in his own right…Fuck the haters mainly and its that type of jealousy in people that killed this man…Now there’s this peace..closure with who murdered Pac & Big…God Bless Them and the murderer…Now is there a heaven for a “G” ?

  • Jeronimo Briggz

    I agree with this perspective of Pac ridiculing the “secret society” mentality but I must refer to one lyric in “Blasphemy” which shows he was aware of a “conspiracy” or hidden truth. ” Babylon beware! coming for the pharoe’s kids”. Watch “Ring of Power” for what I believe the reference was to. Still Illuminati is not to blame, only an obstacle to overcome, and I think Pac wanted us to rely on each other for strength and not a “woe is me” hared for a secret society called Illuminati.

  • Jay Aka

    2pac was a very clever men but white people they no at, that why the govermen want him killed ,but one ward he say keep your head up, he said that for a reason
    black people to now, 2pac shakur sleep tight in god arms, untill we meet again peace.

  • Derin

    It seems like 2pac was smarter than everybody maybe thats why he was murdered. Who even gives interviews like this anymore. 2pac was a thinker and sadly the last of his kind.

  • @4669cbdb76ba01066242ef4d6928d164:disqus gtfo

  • kwadraat

    Well written and not at all as far fetched as most theories….

  • Cabbage

    your a stupid basterd. Period. Your brain works on a lower level and you will never understand.

  • Anonymous

    Not the last, More to come.

  • Rick

    Murder da babylon

  • Makaveli-Soldier

    Tupac Shakur Murdered by COINTELPRO 13th Sept 1996.

  • robertronz

    Tupac was against having the government raise the kids. He said this. When he was growing up he was basically indoctrinated into Communism. Communism/Marxism is all about having the government raise the kids.The media, and the government schools essentially do “raise the kids.” I think that Tupac realized this later. That might be why he was killed. He was killed as a public spectacle like Kennedy. This has happened to other famous people who started opposing the power structure. I think that he realized how brainwashed he, and other people have been. Unfortunately, using the name “Illuminati” for a system that can be shown to exist simply associates valid research with wild conspiracy theories. This marginalizes any information which might make people start thinking. Thinking about the high-level control structure is the last thing that the elite who manipulate, and use the media, and the state want. Any form of state collectivism can benefit the controlling elite.

  • anti-feminist

    I’m pretty sure it was just biggies crew that killed tupac

  • Sara Holmes

    yea no his message is clearly towards the illuminati and how they betrayed him the first time … ILLUMINATI’S REAL otherwise how did he know how he was going to die and really in the song Smile it says “we say a prayer for the homie pac” and if im not mistaken he did make this song with scarface before he did … In MAKAVELI’S words “EXPECT A NIGGA TO COME BACK

  • QueenShakur71

    Im with…not the last, more to come.

  • slimpickins

    How in the hell Can any one other than 2pac himself decifer his lyrics? So ur telling me that you knew what pac meant, or is it only your opinion?

  • Switch

    If only he stayed alive a little longer just to get the secret out he could of caused a massive shitstorm for the illuminati

  • †TUPAC†

    That’s exactly it! The lyrics and interviews people use to support there claims about Tupac’s belief in the Illuminati conspiracy are all up for interpretation and it amazes me that people think they know what Tupac was trying to convey as if they have direct access into his mind even after his death. On certain subjects Pac clarified a lot of what he meant throughout his life but on others (Like this one) it is not so apparent what he meant because he didn’t clearly state it. Whatever Tupac meant by ‘Killuminati’ could only be clarified by him, and since he is no longer here to tell us, everything else is an opinion. Like you said, only Tupac could decipher his lyrics, everyone else has an opinion. To learn more about Tupac’s philosophies and what his true mission was, like this facebook page dedicated to him: http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=74303c93bd6a07e5a296813d0b6441fa&eu=HDmwk64DyCQ1cVE2lNSU5g#!/ThetruthaboutTupac

  • Kymone Freeman

    If you are disputing the very existence of secret societies your are in complete denial! WTF do you think Skull + Bones is? Bilderburg, Tri-Lateral Commission, etc.,? Fairytales? Do you honestly believe that everything happens by coincidence? The very real FBI Cointelpro program clearly states: “to prevent the rise of a black messiah.” Tupac was too political to have the massive influence he had. If he had ever gained the clarity and maturity he would have been a serious threat to the system. in the book the “Outsider” by Richard Wright the lead character killed two people and made it look like they killed each other. This is what they would have us believe happened with Tupac and Biggie. They both were assassinated in similar fashion and Biggie, unfortunately was just a way for it to look good. No witnesses, no leads, no arrests….. doesn’t sound like nigga shit to me.

    Respect (Tupac deserves to be studied)

  • Paul Sparks

    “niggaz was telling me about this Illuminati shit while I was in jail, like, ‘the dollars, y’all’.That’s another way to keep your self esteem low. That’s another way to keep you unconfident.And I’m puttin a ‘K’, cause I’m killin’ that ‘Illuminati’ shit.Trust me, if these mother****ers wanted to kill you, why the **** they gonna tell Farrakhan? Why they gonna tell the Nation of Islam?….why gonna tell this nigga in jail about the ‘plan’? How did he know? How did it leap to him!? Who told him? Who told him, the Pope? Who? Cause they like, ‘the Pope, and the money…’….c’mon man, GET THE **** OUTTA HERE!”

  • V N BOYZ 444

    PAC was a real nigga ain’t no one can speak for him and no one can say what he ment in his lyrics. that was the key to him being a unique person. I believe PAC was so real that the illuminati feared him, in visual form. He wasn’t weak minded and they couldn’t over come him so they did what any weak mined devil worshiper would of done and got a pee on guppy to do the dirty work n had him killed before he exposed the truth behind the bullshit that is going on. But he made a believer out of me n got my attention. He still got threw to ppl he still said fuck you In the end.
    V N BOYZ 444

  • Ken

    Trueeeeeeeeeeee, agree completely. Preach to em’ man

  • Ken

    Clearly not the last, maybe just for a while.

  • Roland Nelly

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    thewordisbond.com Uniting Hip-Hop’s Underground

  • Pothead

    Fuck that Illuminati shit! Tu Pac still alive!

  • Thanks for the comment

  • Angelica

    This makes complete sense. I’m sure secret societies exist; however most “evidence” about the illuminati seems unclear. In Tupac’s life it is clearly proven that his is highly educated. It makes sense for him to relate his readings about Nicolo Machiaveli to his music as well as other people he has read about because he read and understood their motives and beliefs.

  • Nice sober approach, these days it is hard to find these kind of viewpoints on the interwebs.

  • Thanks a mill Hugo, for subscribing and for showing us love.

    This article is quite old now, but still a great post to get people debating.

    Tupac was such a controversial character.

  • Ron

    Great article, so sick of these boogeyman conspiracy theories so rampant in hip hop music. Especially as it seems many use it for effect in their music and don’t seem to believe that shit. For those that do… its scarier than the Illuminati… it’s not a Bond style villain pulling strings… its simply the chaos of real life. That’s why crappy things happen.

    As for Pac selling his soul… it wasn’t the Illuminati he was talking about… it was Suge Knight FFS. He signed with Death Row because Suge got him out of prison. He had to make the kind of records Suge wanted… there was your boogeyman and it was there the whole time yet we still gotta interpret the mans words with our own veil of biases lol.

  • Thanks for the comment Ron. Really comprehensive and constructive brother. Keep in touch

  • Egalitarianism

    Points at the article “Chill out people we are not conspiring anything, no NWO here, Tupac was just a another victim of random violence same goes for JFK, and others. Just go home, you have more important things to do like watching TV, we will handle it from here, infact we are the goats among sheep.

    For those who know Tupac’s songs in and out knows that Tupac meant it, especially with his Killuminati albums, 7 day theory ect.. practically mocking societies with their own methods, what he also said which is constantly ripped out of context is don’t let this get your hope down, they might seem big but they aren’t invincible.
    Still don’t believe me? lookup JFK’s last speeches the truth is staring right at you, its just outside of the general social consensus due to the media.

  • dr musoka

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  • Gar Reyes

    That is your opinion, doesn’t mean you are right!!!!

  • lenin ramos

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