Free Radicals are a musical, political and cultural force straight out of Houston, TX and they have been doing it for over twenty years. They are working on an album which is to be titled White Power Outage Vol. 2. ‘Bipartisan Baby Jail’ is the first single from this upcoming body of work and this is the visual for the song. Bringing the song together, the band employ Michele Thibeaux, Henry Alvarez and Karina Nistal to lend their vocal abilities to the masterpiece. Also featured on the track are the voices of kids from Peace Camp Houston.

Free Radicals’ White Power Outage Volume 1 (2020) made waves with the press, radio, and fans through its diverse sound and beautiful mix of vocalists and musicians representing shades of Black, LatinX, white, Asian, mixed, and indigenous people that make the up the culture of Houston Texas. They came together to make revolutionary music, and to demand an end to the white supremacy in the arts, culture, politics, the economy, and in their personal lives. The album received critical praise from the Houston Press, Black Grooves, and Bandcamp Daily, which called it, “…a defiant soundtrack to our turbulent times, penned in solidarity with the victims of state-sponsored violence and systemic oppression.”

The second instalment of the White Power Outage was held back by the covid outbreak but it did not stop the Radicals from getting busy with the music. This has resulted in a creation of 20 tracks recorded for the project. Whet your appetite with this one while you wait for more singles to come and then the album.

Go to the website here to check out more materials from Free Radicals then hit up their socials to keep up with them realtime on Instagram and Facebook.

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