UglyFace is a collective of four guys who make music together straight out of California. Kevin Farpella, Aaron Temple, Andre Mosley and Aric Jones are the collective who make up the group. They disbanded for a brief minute to better themselves individually and have now reunited to pick things up from where they left off. ‘Friend’ is the first offering of the rekindling of that fire and it is such a beautiful track that speaks to the mind. The song is housed on a project they put out this year titled The Good EP.

The brotherhood is strengthened and you hear it in the material they deliver. UglyFace is no stranger to the bond and we will continue to represent for them as seen here so long as they continue to churn decent materials like this.

You can stream the song and other materials on SpotifySoundCloudApple MusicYouTubeDeezer.

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