Indie alternative hip-hop act Voice Monet shares her candid thoughts on her new single titled “Last Tango”

The track has a cinematic violin reminiscent of a vintage action flick while the drums sure have a gritty feel but sparse enough to allow Monet’s breathy flow to take center stage. As the title suggests, she verbally moves gracefully over the soundscape with lines like “I clocked in and clocked out as I was ready to clock a fool/ from retail to the office pool and right on back to school” to stamp her dominance. She doesn’t miss a step here and continues  with some gems like “somehow common sense and ignorance gets crossed/worker bees, excelling in mediocrity, frowning when you show some personality or ingenuity.”

“Last Tango” is unapologetic, vivid, and somewhat visceral as Voice Monet opts to challenge the norm and prick the minds.

Get it on Soundcloud.


Ms. Monet is currently running a cafe in New Orleans’ historic French Quarter built on the principles that food sourced locally from farmers, fishermen and food artisans who care about their output provide for not only a high-quality diet but more importantly plant a better seed for environmental sustainability. As a forward-thinking and thriving single mother of two sons, who better to promote and encourage sustainability than a b-girl entrepreneur immersed in the culture for over two decades?


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