Voice Monet‘s newest release titled “Forty Below” is as personal as they come. The solemn, bass-heavy single sees Monet revealing different aspects of her life. The track is also bolstered by some excellent cuts courtesy of  internationally acclaimed DMC World Champion DJ Grazzhoppa (Belgium)

She makes use of a laidback flow and a determined demeanor to share her thoughts on religion and faith and how it intersects with life as a whole. Far from being condescending, she looks at it from her own unique angle as she sees the folly in some of the ways mankind goes about things. Lyrics like  “You living devious/forever quoting God under the guise of self-righteousness/ Must be looking down thinking what a mess/ or maybe God is looking around trying to fathom the stress” take a stab at the hypocrisy of humans and then some. She uses the track to share her own path which she carved out using a great deal of self-care, personal accountability, compassion, patience, vision, focus, and discipline.


Now with more than 10 years of being an active Yoruba practitioner (Ifa), Monet has reclaimed personal power and clarification on identity by reconnecting and honoring the deities of her ancestors.


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