New York City is a crawling metropolis of tourists, professionals, street dwellers, skaters, horse and buggies – you name it. It is the most energetic city on earth, no questions asked. And if you venture underground into the subway, you’ll find an unfolding music scene filtered with all sorts of talent across the map. Dare take 30 seconds out of your overly demanding day to stop and listen and you’ll be blown away by what you hear.
The Tunnel Project, created by NYC based producers & videographers, Jon Conklin & Craig Sordyl, is an on-going series of interviews, videos, samples and cuts, exploring these underground talents and unveiling the stories behind them. It goes without saying this project is a unique one.
Our goal with The Tunnel Project is to support musicians in the New York City subways by creating an online platform to showcase their music and tell their stories. We’ve been creating short 2-3 minute interviews of musicians that we find interesting and capturing High Quality recordings of their performances below ground. Naturally, the sort of person that gets up everyday to play music for free in the subways tend to be very interesting people with very diverse backgrounds. From Ricardo, a Dominican immigrant who for the past 6 years has been playing guitar along the L line with such passion and emotion that you become hypnotize, or Rex, a percussionist from Brooklyn who was born without full use of his arms but still manages to keep a beat for 8 hours a day. To the delight of New Yorkers, we are giving these artists a voice and an opportunity to share a bit about themselves to their fellow city dwellers.
Another project we have in the works is creating sample packs based on the recordings we have from all these different performances. We will be releasing these sample packs as “The Tunnel Project: Sounds of New York City.” We have invited a variety of prominent Electronic Music artists to take these sample packs and create songs from these samples and recordings. Effectively remixing the sounds we’ve recorded in the Tunnels. So that for example on one track you may have recordings from a percussionist at Union Square,  samples of an Opera singer from Columbus Circle, and a violinist from Penn Station all playing together on a track, meanwhile they have never even met.
To support these stories & the music they each individually represent, be sure to check out the entirety of the series so far here.
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