Cayoz hails from Oceanside, California and is not be confused with the Canadian emcee K-os, although both rappers pronounce their name “Chaos.”

If you are a regular listener of this show, you will have heard this man before. He makes great songs and even has a few Canadian connections. It was nice to finally kick it with him and talk about music and life.

Nine ft Sadat X – It’s Going Down
Lord Finese – Soul Plan
Rock ft M.O.P. – Fax Machine
Atmosphere – Make It All Better
More or Les – Skill of Gymnastics, Kill of Karate
Blueprint – Be Like Water
Black Sheep – We Can All Share
Cayoz – Salute the DJ
Cayoz ft Pheonix Pagliacci – Fire & Ice
Senica Da Misfit ft Cayoz – Last Breath
Wordburglar – Living Between Wednesdays
Tongue Helmet – Listen Close
The Mighty Rhino ft Jesse Dangerously – Basically Jesus
Psybo – Hello Ello
Career Crooks – Clock’s Ticking
Noveliss – 5 A.M. in Shibuya
Sankdafied ft Speak EZ – Life
Run-DMC – Is It Live?
Dilated Peoples – Clockwork
Artson ft Quese IMC – Right Now
Breaking Wreckords – Evacuation
Ato-Mik – Thesis

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