The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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T.K. Malone – “Fraudulent”

T.K Malone puts his candid thoughts on wax on his new release titled “Fraudulent.” He makes use of a dark moody backdrop to share his thoughts of how life can be tough but he is determined to make it at all costs.

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Dnigel – “I Pick U”

Singer/songwriter Dnigel makes his entry on our list with “I Pick U,” a heartfelt acoustic ballad that displays his vocal range and alluring melodic runs. The record is alluring and focuses on the blossoming love and union of two people who have found themselves and have decided to solidify their relationship.

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Concept – “Headache In Mexico”


Concept shares a new single “Headache In Mexico” which displays his versatile style over a guitar-laden trap backdrop. His lyrics are vivid and sharp and impassioned as well.

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Mannikin x A3thos – “Roses”


Mannikin and A3thos team up for this heartfelt and sublime track titled “Roses” that caught our attention. The record dives into the blossoming love between two individuals who have been burnt by love before. It’s quite relatable and the alluring melodic runs work perfectly with the laidback ethereal production as well.

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Bre Maa – “Homogenous Clapback.”

“Homogenous Clapback” is the newest release from Bre Maa. She delivers an impassioned performance laced with insightful and uplifting lyrics over a somber and atmospheric texture.




Fre$co – “ten toes.”

Fre$co stands on “ten toes” on his new release. He makes use of a dreamy backdrop and gives listeners a glimpse into his life’s journey. From the good time and bad, he reflects on it all and implores us to always keep it positive in order to make the world a better place.

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C.Prod – “Good Old Days”


“Good Old Days” is a heartfelt and reflective track provided by emerging rapper C.Prod. Over a smooth soulful production, the rapper takes us back in time to the days before the internet where Saturday cartoons, sega genesis, Power rangers et al was the rage. He sure packs a lot in this song and each line opens up more memories of a bygone era where things were different and people relied less on technology and social media.

He is currently working on a new project  Elevate Beyond Expectations (EBE).



C.R – “Bedtime Stories”


C.R ‘s”Bedtime Stories” is a heartfelt and somewhat gloomy track that details his roots and the dynamics of growing up impoverished in the city of angels. The somber backdrop here is quite engaging and adds to his insightful and graphic storytelling skills.
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Smurfy – “League Of My Own”


Emerging rapper Smurfy shows us how he gets down on the mic with his song “League Of My Own.” The chilled track is built on a punchy boom bap drum groove and cinematic texture that blend perfectly with Smurfy’s bravado and somewhat self-deprecating lyrics. He is quite unapologetic and does what he feels with reckless abandon and the best part is we like it.

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Rosebudd & STN-_- – “Rose Gold Shawty”

“Rose Gold Shawty” by the rap/producer duo Rosebudd & STN-_- gets the visual treatment. The track has a mellow, relaxing vibe and sees Rosebudd delivering her lines effortlessly. The visual is directed by the Klir Canvas crew who capture Rosebudd in her element as she does what knows best. “Rose Gold Shawty” is taken from the duo’s Parable of the Soil EP.

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MOO$H – “So Blessed”

Philadelphia, PA.-based rapper/singer MOO$H makes his entry on our list with his new release titled “So Blessed.” The mid-tempo jam sees him reflecting on his journey as an artist and all the hurdles he had to overcome. He delivers a solid performance ripe with insightful and bravado lyrics that would make rap lovers smile. He is definitely one to watch.




Boom Bap Project – “Deion Sanders”


The Pacific Northwest trio known as Boom Bap Project embodies the bravado of one of the greatest athletes of all time in the new video for their slick-talking banger, “Deion Sanders,” produced by longtime collaborator Vitamin D.
For the visuals, they team up with director Phillip Haleen, who makes extensive use of performance cuts of the group’s two emcees, Karim (aka Nightclubber Lang) and Destro, as they do what they do best. Their rhymes are playful, laced with braggadocio, and ultimately memorable with lines like “Deion Sanders, of Pacific standard/ Walk with these stripes over dusty-ass samplers.
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Ra-Grim – “Ancestor Money”


Ra-Grim returns to our list with this hard-hitting and anthemic track titled “Ancestor Money.” Over a booming horn-laden backdrop, they deliver an impassioned performance laced with insightful and thought-provoking lyrics while paying homage to the ancestors that laid the pavement for us to walk on.



Rachel Geek – “Dumb reasons”


Alberta-based rapper/producer Rachel Geek shares her new single “Dumb reasons” where she dives into a myriad of topics ranging from her own insecurities, frustrations, and being white.





Nilla Allin – “Don’t Do Me Wrong”

LA-based singer Nilla Allin delivers this r&b infused hip-hop track titled “Don’t Do Me Wrong.” She delivers an alluring and sultry melodic run as she explores the effects of trust issues within a relationship. It’s heartfelt and quite relatable.

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Beats Anonymous x Gaines x Skate Cobain x Heem B$F – “Caskets”


Beats Anonymous of The Indie Visuals ( teams up with Buffalo, NYs heavy hitters Ooze Gang, and BSF (Benny The Butcher) to create this moody hard-hitting track titled “Caskets.” The emcees bring their A-game and deliver solid bars that hardcore lovers will love.



Varnell Hill – “GETEEYUP”

Varnell Hill‘s new release “GETEEYUP” is a guitar-laden beat that showcases the rapper’s melodic flow and fiery style. He details a tale about 2 different women who are actually the same, except one likes to ride horses and the other rides fast cars. It’s a classic tale of Country Girls versus City Girls. The chorus is catchy and memorable as well.






Claire Renee – “Red Lights”

“Red Lights” is the newest single by classically trained singer/songwriter Claire Renee which sees her in full introspective mode. Over the lush reflective piano chords and crunchy drum breaks, she takes time to look inward to focus fully on herself in the midst of the craziness going on in the world. The visual is quite captivating as well and follows her in a red-lit bookstore where things are serene and calm. The visuals were directed by Dean Singleton.

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The Real Architect – “My Throne”


Rising Belgian rapper The Real Architect displays pure lyricism peppered with flawless flows on his new release titled “My Throne.” Over a moody and punchy backdrop, he goes to work with sharp wordplay and breathtaking machine gun flows and he does it all for fun. “My Throne” is the first song of the EP No One Will Hear This, which will see 5 brand new songs released over the next 10 weeks!




Kairo x Hoopaloop – “This I Know”


Canadian hip-hop duo Kairo and producer Hoopaloop share this insightful single titled “This I Know” which is from their new collaboration EP Sabali. The track has a moody and solemn piano backline and punchy drums that gel perfectly with Kairo’s evocative lyrics that dwell on real-time issues that everyone can relate to.
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siii3eyes & flamingo zamperoni – “lost birds”


The rapper-producer duo siii3eyes and Flamingo Zamperoni team up for this heartfelt and reflective track titled “lost birds.” The production is moody and fits the rapper’s insightful lyrics and off-kilter flow. This is the first single from their upcoming collab EP set for an August 6th release.
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