The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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FreePaysTheSoul – “Nostalgia”


FreePaysTheSoul gift us with “Nostalgia”, a heartfelt and reflective tune that dives into the many elements of life that influenced us all. From moves and music from the past and the many people and events that help shape one’s life. Over a summer-tinged production made up of crisp guitar riffs and warm textures, listeners get a whiff of nostalgia with some of the references here.




Larry Coleman 2020 x Slum Village – “In My Lane”

Larry Coleman 2020 and T3 of Slum Village team up for “In My Lane”, a dark cinematic track that is ripe with a vivid lyricism that tackles the state of the industry and how to stay true and keep one’s integrity intact.




Charm The Riot – “Fade Away”.


Charm The Riot is a recording artist, who was born in London, England and raised in Sacramento, California. His latest release is the basketball-themed record titled “Fade Away” which blends funky sounds with his stylish raps and gruff vocals.  The track is taken from his 4 track EP titled Chill Metal.




Tribino x KALENA x Ivan Ave – “Good Day Sir”

Multifaceted artists Tribino , KALENA and Ivan Ave team up for “Good Day Sir”, a soulful feel-good tune that expresses love from different perspectives. It is bolstered by a J Dilla-inspired beat provided by Sigmund Vestrheim. The artist delivers distinct performances ripe with heartfelt lyrics and it is all tied up by a smooth and alluring sultry hook.





Virgø – “FKJ vs. Virgø”

Honolulu, Hawai’i-based rapper Virgø shares a new single titled “FKJ vs. Virgø” which showcases his versatile style to the fullest. Over a mid-tempo, vocal sample-laden backdrop, he delivers a heartfelt tale of boy and girl and the ups and downs that happens to them.





BRNSRGHT – “Kudos”

BRNSRGHT (pronounced Burns Right) drops “Kudos”, a mellow soulful track that highlights an individual’s sober moments of being missed by someone. The self-produced track is dreamy and moody and showcases his melodic runs as well.



gooddogthedog x Quanny B – “Mama”

gooddogthedog and Quanny B drop “Mama”, a single from the duo’s debut collaborative album titled AKASHA. The record is an ethereal and dreamy soundscape made up of airy vocal samples, lush keys and sublime textures underpinned by soft drums and the rapper’s vivid lyricism.




Reagan Era Records – “Cocaine 80’S”

West-Coast vets Reagan Era Records present the hard-hitting single titled “Cocaine 80’S”. The 8 man crew delivers this booming and menacing track that draws inspiration from their unsavoury environment and the crazy events that shaped them.

“Cocaine 80’s” is the first leak from The Black House LP on 3/28. Production is mostly handled by crew-member Dios Negasi with one track contributed by GRIP of Grand Official. Mic duties are primarily handled by Dios, Halo The Lost Angel and Skrillz who appear on every track with features from Ike BurnerzSeptember 8thSneek RothsteinRello Dimagio (aka Black Face) and Chris Scott.



Telica x Law – “Everything Makes Sense”

“Everything Makes Sense” is a reflective and feel-good jam delivered by Telica and Law. The track is mellow and soothing and is ripe with insightful and uplifting lyrics that implore listeners to go with the flow and not to overthink the process.



Chuckfm – “Ask About Me”

Chuckfm‘s new entry this week is “Ask About Me”, a cinematic and dark track made up of thick drums and moody instrumentation. In his usual fashion, he comes through with his unfiltered style made up of vivid and unapologetic bars all tied up with an engaging melodic hook.


Coely – “Fruit Of Bantu”.

Experimental rap artist Coely represents her African roots with this anthemic tune titled “Fruit Of Bantu”. Over an anthemic soundscape, she details the core of her being and how it intersects with her deep-rooted lineage. She is joined by Shaka Shams who also adds an extra layer of thought on the track.

Malicious – “Nice Guy”

Malicious embodies the spirit of the “Nice Guy” in his new record. The track has a cinematic and moody vibe with its mellow guitar loop, vocal samples and soft bassline. The rapper, however, comes through with the guns, verbally speaking as he reminds us that he is ready and willing to go all the way.



Navarre – “Trying Times”

Longview, TX-based rapper/saxophonist Navarre shows us how “Trying Times” change people. Over a smooth piano-laden soundscape, he runs through different situations and how moves through the cesspool of life.

S2 – “Conflicted”.

Emerging rapper S2 delivers a new single “Conflicted” that details his own trials and tribulations. Over a dark and punchy trap backdrop, he reflects on his own failings and fights his inner demons in his own unique way.




King Tru – “Choppa’s” feat Krizz Kaliko

King Tru and revered rapper Krizz Kaliko team up for “Choppa’s”. The record is a pure display of lyrical prowess and flow as both emcees tackle the hard-hitting beat with fast-paced flows and machine gun cadences.  Nothing is spared here as both of them don’t hold back and deliver an engaging performance.


Saynave – “When The World Falls Apart”.

Saynave delivers an introspective piece titled “When The World Falls Apart”. Over a sombre and cinematic soundscape, the rapper digs deep and reflects on his own journey as an artist who is ready to sacrifice it all to reach success.


CRRNT – “Temptation”

Birmingham, Alabama-born,Kansas City, Kansas-based CRRNT makes his entry on our list with “Temptation”. The multi-talented rapper/producer/DJ delivers an emotional-heavy tune that dwells on self-growth, religion and how it all intersects with life. Over the solemn and melancholic backdrop, he gives listeners a profound look into his own take on the matter and how he reconciles his temptation, demons and righteousness.



Savage The Poet – “OOPS”

Nuyorican Brooklyn Bred Poet, MC and Lyricist known as Savage The Poet is not new to TWIB and on his new release “OOPS”, he delivers a vibrant braggadocious track that showcases his versatile raps and unapologetic demeanour. Over a sparse and booming backdrop he singlehandedly carries the beat with his vibrant flow.


Cerdarious – “Dream Work Freestyle”.

Compton, CA-based rapper Cerdarious reveals some intimate details on his life in his new release titled “Dream Work Freestyle”. Over a punchy and soulful soundscape, he runs through several events that have helped shape him into the man that he is.




Lafayette Stokely – “Such Is Life”

Lafayette Stokely breaks his hiatus with his new single titled “Such Is Life”. The track serves as the intro and title track to his new EP and sees the rapper in his element as he shares with us all the things that have been going on from the ups and downs and in-betweens. He also proceeds to acknowledge his flaws and how he deals with the craziness of being a young an and artist in this crazy world.


Muenster x Guillotine the Kasino Champ x Prince Po – “Dynamics”


“Dynamics” is a posse cut helmed by Muenster alongside Guillotine the Kasino Champ and Prince P. Over Hologram Dagger‘s cinematic soundscape peppered by a gritty electric bassline by Elliot Morgan, the emcees pour their unfiltered thoughts on modern-day situations and how the uncontrollable dynamics lead to division amongst the masses so they implore us to stay aware.


Decaf – “Perfect Picture”


Decaf‘s “Perfect Picture” is a smooth R&B-infused track that is made up of lush textures and sublime melodic runs. the record dives into the dynamics of a fledgling relationship. Decaf runs through the different scenarios from the puppy love beginning to the part where both parties no longer speak to each other.



D.Tail & Turkish Dcypha – “John Wick – “Who You Talking To?


Veteran UK emcee D.Tail and producer Turkish Dcypha team up for “John Wick – “Who You Talking To? a cinematic conceptual track that pays tribute to the popular action franchise John Wick. Over Turkish’s eerie and cinematic soundscape, D.Tail embodies the spirit of John Wick and reminds the opposition to remember whom they are talking to. Using different scenes from the movie, D.Tail take listeners down into the mix of the action and relives some of the best scenes from the movie.


Juice Lord – “Blessed Up” (feat. Prince Riley)


Emerging rapper Juice Lord delivers this heartfelt tune titled “Blessed Up” on our list. The track is as reflective as they come and sees the rapper counting his blessings as he also reflects on the bad times and having the strength to move on. He is joined by Prince Riley who adds his own perspective to the track.


Tone Youth – “Asics”


Hailing from different corners of the globe, Perth hip-hop collective Tone Youth have members originating from Zimbabwe, Jamaica, the UK, and Australia. Their latest release is the Heaprize-produced vibrant and anthemic tune titled “ASICS.” which talks about carving one’s path and taking time to process and learn along the journey (true to ASICS sneakers Latin acronym “anima sana in corpore sano” which means “a sound mind in a sound body).
Tone Youth member T$oko sets it off with his energetic flow followed by his dancehall-infused hook. Robb James and Jimmy Drones both add serious firepower, with flows that echo the greats of the 90s while still adding enough modern flair to sound incredibly fresh. Tone Youth explains more about the track: “Our song “ASICS” is about giving yourself the time to learn, grow, conserve your energy and then flourish. It’s about taking time off to re-energize and come back stronger than ever. This song is about the evolution of our craft, and celebrating the milestones we have achieved individually and as a collective.”


DIMES – “Alone”


Grand Rapids, MI-based rapper DIMES delivers his new release “Alone”. A soulful tune that talks about self-worth and how he had to exude the right perspective to come out of the doldrums.


Oliver – “Say You Will”


Emerging rapper/producer Oliver shares the song “Say You Will” which is the second release from the artist’s new Payday Singles series. Backed by the solemn and moody backdrop provided by longtime collaborator Ishan, Oliver reflects on the affirmation of faith, and self-belief and how they all connect to the essence of relationships.


Saleka – “Somewhere In The Wild”.


Philadelphia-based neo-soul singer-songwriter Saleka shares the single “Somewhere In The Wild” which was featured in M. Night Shyamalan’s AppleTV Original series “Servant. The record is a soul-stirring piece that sees her confessing her love for God, a family, and a world that never loved her back, that she never really belonged to. Over the rich guitar plucks, solemn textures and soft grooves, Saleka delivers an intensely emotional performance ripe with relatable songwriting to match.
The song is also from her new EP titled Songs From The Attic via Lakeshore Records.


gooddogthedog x Quanny B – “$2”

Emerging rapper gooddogthedog and Quanny B team up for this relatable tune titled “$2”. Over a rousing guitar-driven soundscape, the emcee delivers an introspective-driven performance.


OGW x G-Mo Skee – “Terrified 2.0” (feat. G-Mo Skee)


OGW and G-Mo Skee take us deep into the dark side with this eerie and cinematic piece titled “Terrified 2.0”. The chorus is rich and alluring and the verses are quite graphic.


J.Plantana – “MANPOWER”.

J.Plantana‘s “MANPOWER” is a reflective and whimsical feminine anthem that is as engaging as ever. The production is spacey and punchy and the lyrics are quite detailed and nuanced.


DOON – “Untamed”


DOON makes his entrance on our site and playlist with “Untamed”. Over a soulful vocal-laden sample, the emcee delivers a commanding performance with his distinct vocal tone and vivid lyrical style.


Mowgli – “Rebumping In My Lumina”


Mowgli goes back in time with this latest release titled “Rebumping In My Lumina”. The track sees him revisiting the first song he ever made and putting a more grown-up twist on it. Instead of bragging, he uses the memory to reference his journey as an artist




Chuck Strangers x Navy Blue – “Venison”


Chuck Strangers and Navy Blue team up for “Venison”, a chilled soulful piece made up of soft drum grooves and moody piano riffs and warm textures. The emcees deliver a stream of consciousness-style raps laced with insightful bars.
“Venison” is the lead single from Chuck Strangers’ forthcoming EP The Boys & Girls, due May 12th via Lex Records.

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