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DAJÉ – “Run It Up”.


Emerging rapper DAJÉ shares his new single “Run It Up” which sees him reflecting on the arduous journey as an indie artist. Through the ups and downs, he gives listeners a nuanced look at the unpredictable variables that come with chasing one’s goals. Over a sombre guitar-laden backdrop, he delivers his bars in smooth melodic runs and adds a somewhat catchy hook to tie it up.





Iamjakebars – “Comfortable” (feat. Scramn)


Iamjakebars teams up with Scramn for “Comfortable”, an uplifting track that dives into the concept of overcoming hardships and manifesting one’s goals with determination. Over the upbeat trap backdrop, both emcees detail their tough beginnings and how they found a way out of the doldrums with perseverance and determination.


Ray Angry – “#AllAlone”.


Multi-faceted producer/pianist/composer Ray Angry teams up with singer Stout for “#AllAlone”, a heartfelt and reflective tune about the hardship faced by people of colour in America. Over the sombre piano-laden and melancholic soundscape, the singer delivers a gripping vocal performance ripe with unapologetic lyrics about the plight of black folks and the way the system was set up to stifle them. Overall, the track is quite emotionally powerful and heartwarming as well.


Malone – “Dream Big (Remix)” featuring Nya and Ish Sankara

French artist Malone drops “Dream Big (Remix)” featuring producer Nya and US-based rapper Ish Sankara. Backed by the soulful and sublime backdrop, both emcees show us that we all have to hold on to our dreams and never let the struggle keep us underwater.


Factor Chandelier – “Sky High feat Ceschi”


Factor Chandelier‘s latest offering, “Sky High feat Ceschi” is a partial ode to one of our favourite Dungeon Family songs and a heavy look at self. The production is cinematic, dark and moody and the lyrics are both uplifting and insightful. The track is taken from the full-length album Moving Like A Planet, released on the esteemed Fake Four label.



CRBRVS – “Get My Mind Right”

CRBRVS makes a solid entry on our list with “Get My Mind Right”. The track is bolstered by a rousing and moody backdrop ripe with unapologetic songwriting that focuses on soul-searching for one’s true purpose in this crazy world.

R.M.Congrats x Pretty Pape$ (feat. Caylene) – “You call it”

R.M.Congrats , Pretty Pape$ and singer Caylene team up for “You call it”, a smooth track that infuses modern R&B with hip-hop. The production is punchy and soothing and the lyrics dwell on relationships, trust and the dynamics of finding that special one in your life.



Lolita – “Spoiled Rotten”


Rising artist Lolita‘s latest single “Spoiled Rotten,” is a pure bravado-laden tune that showcases her unapologetic and confident style. Over the bass-heavy and moody backdrop, she brings forth a sultry and sensual side as she embodies the spirit of the boss lady who knows what she wants and gets it by any means.


T.Z.K x Kouba – “Wherever”

T.Z.K and Kouba deliver some soul/hiphop infused vibes in their new effort titled “Wherever”. The track has a sombre and reflective texture and is ripe with insightful and unapologetic lyrics that paint the dark side of the British industrial complex and how it affected black people across the globe.



SHOWTIME RAMON – “Rap Superstar”

SHOWTIME RAMON‘s “Rap Superstar” is a powerful hard-hitting track that sees the rapper embody the never-say-die spirit of the upcoming rapper who is ready to go the extra mile to achieve his dreams. Over Flygodvici‘s ominous production, Ramon blends WWE references with his distinct lyrical style and reminds us that he got next.



Lazarous – “Identity Crisis” (feat. Maya Jade)

Lazarous‘s “Identity Crisis” is a heartfelt tale of struggling with who you are in a world where people don’t understand. Over the laidback and soulful backdrop, Lazarous details a number of stories where the characters are battling their own inner demons and carving their path in order to find their true North. He is joined by vocalist Maya Jade who adds a soothing melodic chorus to tie it all up.



Koncise x Astro Blacksmith – “Retrospect”


“Retrospect” is a mellow and trippy track by Koncise and Astro Blacksmith. Made up of atmospheric and dreamy textures and soft grooves, both emcees take us on an engaging lyrical journey through their stomping grounds.

Sasha Ortiz – “On Your Side”

Eclectic singer/songwriter Sasha Ortiz shares with us her new single “On Your Side”, which is one of her many collaborations with producer Reef Boii. The track is an intimate and detailed incursion into her experience with BDSM and alternative, polyamorous relationships. The track has a pop-funk aesthetic and solid groove underpinned by Sasha’s sultry and somewhat airy melodic runs that draw listeners deep into the action. The song is taken from her forthcoming EP, SUPERBLUE.


J(X), Nimsins – “Coup d’état” (feat. Nimsins)

J(X) and Nimsins team up for “Coup d’état”, a lyric-driven track that showcases both artists’ lyrical prowess. Backed by the lush guitar riffs and layered production, listeners are given quite an experience with the lyrical stylings displayed on the record.




YWNLKASNB – “Black Owned”.

Long Island, NY-based artist Ywnlkasnb (Yawn Like A Snob) delivers her unbridled thoughts on his new single “Black Owned”. The track is inspired by her parent’s business which they operated for many years and seeing what they provided for their community, Ywnlkasnb decided to put the same energy on wax and provide the perfect anthem to black excellence.

Keonté – “Her Song”

Keonté pens a heartfelt ode to that special lady in “Her Song”. The track is built on a sublime guitar riff and punchy bass-laden groove and an alluring melodic run that is ripe with adulation for his ideal lady.



H. Kain – “Freaky Thangs”

H. Kain makes his entry on our playlist with “Freaky Thangs” which sees him in his element. Over a sultry R&B-infused backdrop, he details how he puts it down for his lady in their private time and it’s only for adults.


Jirias – “Meandyou”

Jirias‘s latest record “Meandyou” is a heartwarming and reflective track that dives into the blissful feeling of basking in the arms of that special someone. The production is ethereal and summery while the vocals are quite distinct and emotionally punchy.



N.R.M.N – “Ending”.

N.R.M.N pours his thoughts on wax in “Ending”. The track was written during the height of the pandemic and shows listeners how he was feeling at the time. Over the soulful and moody backdrop, he gives us the brooding scenery of that time.


amir. – Zoomin – “Extended Version”.


Brooklyn-based producer/rapper amir gets into the zone with his latest release “Zoomin – “Extended Version”. Over a moody and bass-heavy backdrop, amir delivers a stylish flow ripe with pure bravado and no holds barred raps.


Lesso x Julio Delafuente – “Che Si Fa” (feat. Julio Delafuente)

Philadelphia, PA-based Italy-born Lesso teams up with Julio Delafuente for “Che Si Fa”. The track is upbeat and vibrant and showcases his versatile flow and unfiltered bars.




H. Kain – “Fallin’ 4 U” (feat. TheRealQD)

Milwaukee Hip-hop artist/songwriter  H. Kain pours his heart on wax in “Fallin’ 4 U” which sees him teaming up with TheRealQD. The track is as sombre as they come and made up of sombre piano riffs and warm textures while the adulation-filled lyrics are related and engaging.


Rahseed Defoe – “Who Got The Props”

Rahseed Defoe pays homage to the 90s with his new single “Who Got The Props”. The track has a dusty vibe with its booming basslines, lush horns and snappy drum grooves. The flow even harks back to the 90s with its boisterous cadence and unapologetic lyrics. In a nutshell, This is an homage to the era that made him pick up a mic.


leroybroughtflowers – “Self Defence”


UK-based Greek artist leroybroughtflowers deliver his new single “Self Defence”. The soulful track showcases his rapping and singing skills in a single breath. Over the laidback drum grooves and soulful pads and keys, leroybroughtflowers deliver some reflective bars laced with bravado.



TAL THE1 x Jon Connor x Emilio Rojas – “Changes” (feat. Emilio Rojas & Jon Connor)”


Producer TAL THE1 teams up with Jon Connor and Emilio Rojas for a heartfelt tune titled “Changes”. The track is made up of cinematic and sombre textures and sees both Emilio and Jon sharing their thoughts on social injustice, gun violence, poverty and modern-day real-time issues that affect the masses.


K.I.R.B. – “Alone”.

Up-and-coming artist K.I.R.B. makes his entrance on our list with “Alone”. The mellow guitar riff-laden track is reflective and sees the rapper sharing a profound tale of mental health and the daily struggles he faces.


J Cru – “You’re A Dumbass Motherfucking Piece Of Shit” (feat. Toddy Smith)

“You’re A Dumbass Motherfucking Piece Of Shit” as a song title is pretty self-explanatory and quite apt for the fun-loving duo J Cru. The stripped-down track is made up of mellow shakers and a summer-tinged guitar arrangement and the most unapologetic lyrics you would ever hear this year. J Cru also brings in long-time friend Toddy Smith (of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad fame), for this feel-good acoustic-driven jam which pays homage to that one guy in their friend group.


Loneninjah – “Chai”


Loneninjah finds peace and solace with “Chai”, the mellow soulful track is as blissful as they come. From the jazzy vibes and soulful textures, Loneninja takes time to reflect on the unpredictability of life. It’s taken from his debut project Spice!


MiQ The Burb Boy – “Pheromones” (feat. Noura)


Emerging artist MiQ The Burb Boy teams up with singer Noura for this heartfelt track titled “Pheromones”. The track has a moody and reflective vibe and the lyrics are quite vivid as they detail the toxic cycle of relationships where one is neck deep and too far gone.


H.A.M – “We Don’t Know That”.


H.A.M (Hot Ass Music) is the latest duo on the scene who are bringing something new to the forefront. Made up of Miracle and Niah, the duo deliver their newest single “We Don’t Know That” on our list. Over a retro funky backdrop made up of lush guitar riffs, warm textures and lively jazz horns, we get a blend of smooth melodic runs and stylish bravado raps that aim to get us on the dancefloor.


D.Tail & Turkish Dcypha – “All MighT”


“All MighT” is an energetic and cinematic collaboration from UK emcee D.Tail , producer Turkish Dcypha and Japanese emcee NOMA. Over the menacing and punchy drums by Turkish, the duo deliver a flurry of fiery bars. D.Tail leads the charge with his deep vocals and stylish cadence followed by NOMA’s fusion of Japanese and English. The result is pretty solid.
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