The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Dandila – “DICK NIXON”

Los Angeles-based St. Louis, Missouri raised emcee Dandila is not new to us and on his new cut “DICK NIXON” he brings the verbal hammer down on numerous topics. From his inner demons, fears, and hopes, he delivers an unapologetic performance over the punchy backdrop courtesy of Kashaka


The Grand Victory – “Ready, Set, Go!”


The Grand Victory is a Brooklyn-based duo made up of rapper Sicky Brett and musician Lynn Ligammari. Together they blend hard-hitting lyricism against eclectic soundscapes. Their new single “Ready, Set, Go!” is a vibrant jam laced with insightful lyrics, bravado, and dynamic vibes
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Mr. Northstar – “$NWO.99”


Mr. Northstar makes his mark on our playlist with “$NWO.99” A mod tempo jam laced with bravado lyrics and a punchy lofi backdrop.
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B-NEL – “Warrior”


Virginia based emcee B-NEL pays homage to the spirit of the “Warrior” on his new single. A laidback reflective piece that speaks on real-time issues affecting black folks. Bolstered by a soulful and groovy beat by AndreOnBeat​ , B-NEL takes time to also motivate listeners to channel their inner warrior and not give in. The visuals were shot by Nelsouth Productions.
Stream or download Warrior here.


Nyiam – “Propaganda”


Emcee Nyiam links with Mix Foley for a solid collaboration titled “Propaganda.” The track has a somewhat rumbling feel with its cinematic texture and punchy drums which serves as the canvas for the rapper’s vivid lyrics and thought-provoking theme. From the constant information overload by the media who aim to push agendas to the masses to the slow conditioning of the mind, Nyiam breaks it down in his own unique manner.
Additional cuts by DJ GIO
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Tee Peters x Mensing – “No Rest”


UK emcee Tee Peters teams up with producer Mensing for this heartfelt single titled “No Rest.” A laidback tune that sees the emerging emcee detail his artistic journey thus far. It’s quite revealing and heartwarming too.
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NTF – “Plan Shit and Fuck it up”


NTF is an emerging emcee who makes his way through our list with his new release “Plan Shit and Fuck it up.” A laidback, insightful piece that showcases his bilingual flow and fiery flow.
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ForEver Cal – “Treadlight”


Emerging emcee ForEver Cal reflects on the issues that affect black folks on the heartfelt “Treadlight.” Over a soulful backdrop, he dives into his own experiences with the system and gives his candid thoughts on wax.
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BURNT – “Shadows” (feat. Frank Lasalona).

California-based reggae-rock group BURNT team up with Frank Lasalona on their new single “Shadows.” a reflective and upbeat jam that gives insights into self-growth and climbing out of the doldrums that the corrupt world puts us in.
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D.R. Da Rula – “Vendetta”


Detroit’s very own, D.R. Da Rula takes time to reflect on life and his tribulations on the somber single “Vendetta.” Over a dark piano-laced beat, he talks about staying true to oneself and making the right decisions despite all the obstacles ahead.
This song is on his upcoming Will Rap 4 Food 2 project.
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Zone5brody – “For My Mama”


Zone5brody pays homage to his mum on the heartfelt single “For My Mama.”
The song sure shows a different side to the man who takes time to show how deeply he loves his mum and all the positive impact she had on him.
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The Next Movement – “Can’t Wait A Day”


Swiss funk band The Next Movement make their entry into our list with “Can’t-Wait A Day.” The new release is vibrant and soulful. From the alluring lead vocals of J.J. Flueck. warm basslines from Pascal P Kaeser, silky guitars from Sam Siegenthaler. The trio sure brings that classic neo-soul energy infused with hi-octane funk.
It’s taken from their album The Next Movement here.



Connor Price – “Courteney Cox” (feat. Idris Elba)


Canadian emcee Connor Price teams up with rapper/actor Idris Elba on the vibrant playful single “Courteney Cox.” The track is bouncy and the silk synths sure match the carefree performances by the duo.
Listen to “Courteney Cox” here.



Phil. – “better.”


Charlotte raised singer/writer Phil shares his innermost feelings on the heartfelt song “better.” A guitar-laden track laced with solemn melodies and lyrics that everyone can relate to.
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Louis Metric x Abstract – “Sabado”


Louis Metric teams up with Abstract on his new song “Sabado.” The track is an upbeat feel-good track that talks about setting one’s goals , going out to achieve them without external pressure. If you are up for some uplifting vibes, this one for you.
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Sachém x Nenjah Nycist – “Democracy”


Australian artist Sachém teams up with US rapper Nenjah Nycist for a thought-provoking track titled “Democracy.” The track has a moody laidback bounce and touches on some poignant social issues from racism and the black experience while the emcees give their thoughts in the most candid manner
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Dude it’s Nolan – “Bird Law”


Emerging emcee Dude it’s Nolan pumps up with positivity and uplifts the listeners on his new song “Bird Law.” Ripe with lush keys, a smooth bounce, and insightful lyrics, the rapper implores us to believe in him and much more.
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Gentry Fox – “Nowhere”


Gentry Fox‘s “Nowhere” is a moody track ripe with lush strings, pads, and crispy drums. The track serves as the intro to Fox’s newest LP. He gives the listener a short introduction to his artistry on this one.
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Chima Anya x SoulChef – “Once Upon a Time”


Chima Anya and SoulChef share visuals for the single “Once Upon a Time” A laidback soulful song that talks about moving on, change, and personal growth. The visual is dope too.
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n-audial – “You Know The Score”


n-audial closes the list with a thoughtful track”You Know The Score” which focuses on the way we live in this modern era. Backed by a moody backdrop, the rapper pricks the listener’s mind with some hard truth pills.

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