The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kwell – “It Is What It Is”

Emerging artist Kwell’s new release  “It Is What It Is” is an introduction of some sort. The soulful and reflective tune sees the rapper exploring his childhood and the immediate environment that made him who he is. He is as nuanced as he gets and gives a vivid account of his life. From personal loss, inner demons and daily tribulations, Kwell gives listeners a true insight into his life and we all can definitely relate.





Dyvaile – “The Crunch”

Dyvaile makes a mark with his new release “The Crunch” taken from his EP called Sophistication. The record pays homage to 90s jazz-infused hip-hop and sees him in a reflective mood about the state of music in this modern era with adulation-filled lyrics. The use of smooth soulful textures with punchy boom-bap drums really takes listeners back to the good old days.


Mic Ross – “I Hate You”

Boston-based rapper/actor Mic Ross takes us through a recent breakup in his new song titled “I Hate You”. Bolstered by a punchy and sombre backdrop, he runs through his experience with heartbreak. Far from being a sob story, he just revisits the situation from a I told you so vantage point.


Father Baker – “The Downhill Chill”


Father Baker switches the mood of the playlist with this record “The Downhill Chill”, an experimental and cinematic piece that dives into the concept of flipping the scales of fate and getting to the root of the problem, which is usually at the top. His laidback whispered flow is smooth and works perfectly with the brooding soundscape laid before him.




Muenster x QM x E-Turn x Abstract Rude – “Syncopation”

“Syncopation” is an anthemic upbeat collaboration between Muenster, QM, E-Turn and Abstract Rude. Over a punchy drum break, funky licks and a horn-driven chorus, the emcees gather around in cypher form and deliver fiery and engaging raps that make the audience and even b-boys get down.

Ishmael Nehemiah – “W.I.G.B.”

Ishmael Nehemiah caught our attention with his new single “W.I.G.B.”. The bouncy r&b tune sees the singer detailing the dynamics of blossoming love with a playful vibe. The chorus is memorable and the verses have a smooth alluring melodic arrangement too.





Sensational x The Dirty Sample – “The Best (Success)”

Brooklyn, NY hip hop innovator Sensational drops new single “The Best (Success)” taken from his new LP The Spot Rocker, which is produced entirely by Calgary production vet The Dirty Sample. The braggadocio battle rap track is made up of a sexy organ riff and flute layered over a laidback punchy drum groove underpinned by Sensational’s mellow flow that sees him claiming his well-deserved spot in this hip-hop game. “The Best (Success)” is the lead single from the LP The Spot Rocker, which is his umpteenth album since he first debuted alongside the Jungle Brothers on “40 Below Trooper” in 1993 using the name Torture.

1 Alone – “MakeItOut”

1 Alone comes through with a hit had-hitting jam titled “MakeItOut” which sees him embodying the spirit of perseverance against the odds. Over the cinematic and brooding orchestral instrumental-driven soundscape, the rapper delivers an emotional performance ripe with inspirational themes. he details the day-to-day struggles he had to overcome to get to where he is now.

Jawn Locke – “ISIS”

Jawn Locke delivers this inspirational tune titled “ISIS” on our playlist. Over a brooding and punchy soundscape, he embodies the go-getter attitude and implores listeners to manifest their dreams with the fertile magic of Isis. Far from burning incense or invoking chants, he takes a more practical approach to things as he details the little steps he takes to ensure his goals are being accomplished.

Rickyrogers – “Ride to it” (Prod by JarjarBankx & Suni Vega)


Rickyrogers give us a reason to “Ride to it” in his new effort. Over the driving and eerie soundscape provided by JarjarBankx and Suni Vega, the rapper gets into his element and delivers a flurry of vivid bars that keeps listeners locked in. “Ride to it” Is taken from his Inform mixtape.

fabrice – “TRACK FOUR”

Emerging rapper/songwriter/producer fabrice shares “TRACK FOUR” a heartfelt song is taken from his new EP. The track is as moody and solemn as they come and sees him dealing with lingering feelings for an ex.


Benjamin Elias‘s new single “I ALWAYS KNEW THAT I COULD BE THE ONE” is a heartfelt and insightful piece that dwells on growth and self-belief in oneself to reach one’s full potential. Over a moody and sombre soundscape, he delivers an uplifting performance ripe with motivational lyrics.

Jodye Basco x Taylr – “Antebellum”

Jodye Basco and Taylr take us through the “Antebellum” with this brilliant lyrical collaboration. Over a guitar and piano-laden soundscape, both emcees blend a flurry of intimate and insightful bars with a large dose of bravado.

Francesca Londono x Maz – “IRIS”

Francesca Londono and Maz team up for this atmospheric and sultry tune titled “IRIS”. The production has a dreamy texture, punchy drums and smooth melodic runs with animated melodic rap performance as well.
The song is about being a perfect match with somebody, an out-of-this-world pair, that the connection is beyond what’s on this earth.

BLOODCAT – “picture purrfect”

BLOODCAT‘s “picture purrfect” is an interesting introduction for new fans and listeners. The soulful backdrop, alluring chorus and his nuanced, vivid lyricism sure make the track appealing to a wide range of listeners.


Rickyrogers – “When I’m Gone”

Emerging emcee Rickyrogers closes out the list with his new release “When I’m Gone”. The reflective tune sees him running through his emotions and life experiences. Lines like ‘If no one speaks about you when you’re dead and gone then you dying twice” hits the mark as he draws listeners closer to his life.

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