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Fortunato x The Dirty Sample – “Get It”.

Fortunato and The Dirty Sample drop off their third single “Get It”, which is lifted from the duo’s collaborative project The Coalition. The track is the perfect carpe diem anthem for everyone as the rapper reminds us that life is too short and the best way is to make things happen while the clock is ticking.



slimlxrd – “PLZ DONT CALL ME”.

slimlxrd makes his entry on our site with “PLZ DONT CALL ME”, a reflective track that talks about his struggles and his coping mechanism. He admits that he is mentally burned out and needs time off to re-energize and that would require a lot of time off the grid.



Patrick Moss – “Irish Goodbyes”.


Rapper Patrick Moss pours his heart on wax in his new single “Irish Goodbyes”. The sombre guitar-driven track sees him reflecting on a fledgling relationship and facing the proverbial fork in the road. Armed with his melodic flow and heartfelt lyrics, Patrick shows us how indecision and lingering memories combine to keep one lost in the whirlwind. The title is a reference to an Irish goodbye is when you leave somewhere such as a party without telling anybody.



2wiin Kingz – “ESPECIALLY” (feat. RICHIE EVANS & DaveOsBeatz)


2wiin Kingz shares their new single “ESPECIALLY” which features Richie Evans and DaveOsBeatz. The result is a reflective piece that blends insightful and unapologetic lyrics with impassioned flows.



Reno – “Out The Way”.

Emerging rapper Reno drops “Out The Way” featuring Envee Tha Queen, a mid-tempo track that centers around having a go-getter mentality and a solid work ethic.



Jay Gudda – “So Long”.

Jay Gudda‘s new single “So Long” is a deep dive into his mind and his experiences dealing with happiness and anguish. The production has a fast-paced drum groove and surreal textures that build up into an emotional frenzy towards the end and throughout it explores ego, success, loss of self and lack of self-awareness which leads to disastrous situations.



Wahyo – “Look At Me Now”

Everybody has a story to tell and  Flint Michigan-based rapper Wahyo has an incredible one. His latest release “Look At Me Now” is a heartfelt semi-autobiographical tune that gives audiences a glimpse into his life. From his humble beginnings and the numerous events and experiences that shaped him, Wahyo shows how resilience and having an indomitable spirit go a long way.



KHALFANI. – “Overzealous”.

Detroit,MI-based rapper KHALFANI steps up to bat with “Overzealous”, a mid-tempo expressive tune that displays his go-getter demeanour and how he moves through the craziness of an unforgiving world.



Matt Brown x Sko Gudiño x J.Griffie – “No Ceiling”.

“No Ceiling” is the latest collaboration brought to us by producer/musician Matt Brown who teams up with Sko Gudiño and J.Griffie. The summer-drenched track is ripe with rich melodic runs, and warm textures underpinned by expressive songwriting and lyrical schemes that take audiences on a soul-searching journey. The song is lifted from his new project titled SumwhurrrUpDerr EP.

Rosa Landers – “Garçonnière”


Multifaceted singer/songwriter Rosa Landers enters our site with “Garçonnière”, a smooth love ballad that encapsulates self-expression and the never-ending search for individuality in a crowded space. The production is layered, dynamic and rich while her commanding vocal runs take audiences into a deep emotional state where reflection is the order of the day. The song is the last track from her 3 track EP entitled Raised.


Gianne Villaverde – “Rounds”.


Emerging artists Gianne Villaverde and Jaehross team up for”Rounds”, a reflective piece that explores the trepidation that comes with blossoming love. The mid-tempo track is ripe with haunting textures, solemn chords and sultry melodic runs that rises to a crescendo in the chorus section.


auSTIN – “B.F.S.P “(feat. TRELL..)

auSTIN recruits fellow rapper TRELL for “B.F.S.P”, a heartfelt and reflective track that is made up of rich soulful horns and textures while the rappers share their thoughts on the daily activities in their hood.



R Dotta – “SCARFACE” (feat. CURREN$Y)

R Dotta and legendary rapper CURREN$Y team up for  “SCARFACE”, a celebratory tune comprised of rich and cinematic soundscapes and vivid lyricism from both artists.


Que K – “Nothing nice”

Que K returns to the playlist with “Nothing nice”, a dark and haunting piece that uses a dark and menacing soundscape and a gritty detail of the dark side of the streets.


Rubberband Girl – “South Suburban Weekend”

Rubberband Girl and Caitlyn Scarlett team up for  “South Suburban Weekend”, a playful summer-tinged track that sees the duo basking in the warmth of the sun and breezy atmosphere of life. The production is dynamic and blends jazz, soul with a touch of modern contemporary aesthetics while the melodies are enthralling from start to finish.


Bamis – “Hustler”

Montreal, Canada-based rapper Bamis details what it takes to be a”Hustler” in his latest release. The anthemic track is ripe with cinematic horns, and punchy drum grooves and underpinned by his expressive flow and intentional lyrics.


Kid Craze – “Memories”

Midlands-based rapper Kid Craze gives us some great “Memories” in his new single. The soulful piece is a walk back through time before the explosion of the internet when life was different. From watching VHS tapes to trading Pokémon cards, collecting posters, playing PS 1, etc.


Jhyve – “That Girl”.


Toronto-based singer/songwriter Jhyve continues his 2024 music campaign with his second release “That Girl”. The mellow track is produced by UK-based Yogic Beats who laces Jhyve with a soulful and warm backdrop to paint a heartfelt tale of love gone sour. Here, Jhyve reflects on a past relationship where he couldn’t make his partner happy and they just had to part ways. “That Girl” is Jhyve’s first release after he collaborated with Jessie Reyez, and it shows that he’s keeping up his pace in releasing incredible music.



Chris Cachia – “Above and Below”


Chris Cachia returns to our notice with “Above and Below”, a hard-hitting track ripe with dense lyricism and a menacing soundscape. Armed with his expressive flow and extensive rhyme schemes that dive into the concept of dualism and different corporeal states that exist. “Above and Below” is from the forthcoming album, The 27th Letter.


HVZE – “Crunch Time”

“Crunch Time” is the new anthem from rapper HVZE for all the go-getters and hard-working folks out there always on their grind. Over a bouncy synth-driven backdrop, he takes us through the ups and downs of a man going all the way to reach his true potential. He knows life is not all rosy but he is not giving up.


King Khali – “Locked In”


Emerging rapper King Khali makes his entry on our playlist with “Locked In” which is the introduction to his new album Poor Decisions, Good Intentions 3. The track has a cinematic and somewhat haunting texture and is underpinned by King Khali’s bravado raps and commanding cadence.



Grabbz – “Get on Your Grind” (feat. Hell Rell)

Grabbz shows us how to “Get on Your Grind” in his latest release. The track sees him teaming up with Hell Rell and sees both emcees break down the science of being a hustler

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