Uprising artists Lucid and Sir Charles III team up for their new EP First 48,  5 track body of work that borders on no-holds-barred lyricism coupled with hard-hitting soundscapes.


“La Costa Nostra” starts with a sample of a classic scene from American Gangster which helps set the tone with its dark and brooding atmosphere and subject matter. The track has a melancholic piano riff, pulsating bass-driven boom-bap drums and vivid lyricism from both rappers. Lines like “Concentrated in constant movement, my heart’s abrasive/hard to face the facts that I’m twice as nice but far from famous/Charted list at the list that I never cared about/I’m really just trying to be the type of parent make my parents proud” is a fiery display of bravado and reflective elements. The second track “F.A.B” flips the classic Bob James’ drum break and bells with a modern twist from Lucid and Sir Charles III who take turns with tandem bars to remind us of their lyrical prowess. The track has a playful feel and is purely verbal jousting from start to finish.


On “Oceanside”, the duo makes use of a sombre and melancholic soundscape made up of moody and surreal synth pads and sublime textures layered over a sparse but punchy drum groove. The track dwells on self-reliance and the need to focus on the important things instead of waiting for others to validate your existence. “Bounce” is a downtempo bounce track comprised of a dark piano riff and a scenic aesthetic underpinned by the duo’s expressive performance. Using double time flows, bravado-driven lyricism and a memorable hook to complete the job, listeners get a whiff of their versatility.


The final track “Barrio” has a solemn horn pass and a sad vocal hum sample with snapping drum grooves. Once again, they employ some vocal samples from classic gangster flicks to augment their vivid stories of their rough beginnings and the many struggles and hurdles they had to overcome to get to this point.


As an EP First 48 stays true to its brevity and consistent theme that showcases the distinct perspective of Lucid and Sir Charles III. It might be long enough to give listeners a deep dive into their lives but at least for the moment, it gives us a glimpse.



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