The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Que K – “Run The City (Final)”



Que K drops “Run The City (Final)”, a cinematic track that is made up of an urgent scenic backdrop underpinned by Que K’s vivid lyrical style. He states his claim with much gusto and reminds the naysayers that he is here to stay.

Chiara Noriko – “Bank”


UK-based singer/songwriter Chiara Noriko shares her new single “Bank“, a mellow downtempo Lofi/R&B infused track that displays her rich melodic runs and sultry vocal tone. Over the ethereal and atmospheric soundscape made up of airy horn passes, warm basslines and soft drums, she delivers an aspiration tune that sees her going in to secure what she deserves.



Olav Abildgaard – “What Makes Sense to You” (feat. Shannon Mowday)

Olav Abildgaard teams up with Shannon Mowday for  “What Makes Sense to You”, a heartfelt tune that explores insecurity in one’s true identity. Inspired by his own experiences as a teenager going through an identity crisis, he shares his story for others who are going through similar situations and hopefully, they learn something new. The track also includes saxophone player Shannon Mowday.




King Cabbage Brass Band – “Kings & Queens” (feat. Mike Dee)


Tusla, Okhlama-based King Cabbage Brass Band is a New Orleans-inspired brass band who have been rocking festivals and events for years now and now they released their new track “Kings & Queens” featuring rapper Mike Dee. The track is as anthemic as they come and sure hits the bullseye. From the bouncy and rousing drum grooves, anthemic horns and layered instrumentation, call and response chorus and fiery raps from Mike Dee.  “Kings & Queens” is taken from their debut 7-track album, Live at Cain’s Ballroom.


Tom Solomon – “Breakaway”


Bristol, UK.-based musician/producer Tom Solomon makes an entry on our site with “Breakaway”, a reflective track that sees him reflecting on mental health and how people who are experiencing trauma often get overlooked by the larger society.




TayOG – “On Purpose”

TayOG gets back  “On Purpose” in this anthemic track. The beat is punchy and bouncy and his melodic flow is expressive and quite alluring and the track is lifted from his latest EP Midnight Manic.



Flakko – “For Those Listening


Flakko pens a heartfelt message  “For Those Listening” in his new release. Over a smooth solemn backdrop, he takes us back to his not-so-bright childhood. The first verse focused on his mother and the second is about his dad and how his relationship with both parents shaped his life in many ways.



Sz.K – “Downcast”

Chaoyang, Beijing, China-based rapper Sz.K makes his entry on our list with “Downcast”, a solemn and reflective piece that sees him in full introspective mode. He looks back on his tumultuous life and how his inner demons sometimes keep him down but he is not letting any negative thoughts detract him.


Ola Beto – “Old School”

Ola Beto drops “Old School” for us to share. The mid-tempo and bouncy track has a rich bassline and scenic textures all underpinned by his bravado and insightful bars.


Cinoevil – “Kingda Ka”

Cinoevil returns to our playlist with”Kingda Ka” featuring Milly (who passed away last year). The track produced by Khezie Beats flips a classic sample into a sombre backdrop that fits Cinoevil’s insightful bars and the late Milly comes through on the last verse.





HJ Soul – “Friday Evening”

HJ Soul caught our ears with “Friday Evening”, a mellow and sublime tune that dives into how good communication between two lovers often leads to a well-ironed relationship. Over a summery and soulful backdrop, he delivers a rich and alluring melodic performance that will keep listeners locked in.


ZENtheRapper – “According To Legend” (feat. Mousepad)”

ZENtheRapper drops “According To Legend” featuring Mousepad, a lyric-dense collaboration that blends vivid lyrical schemes over a jazzy and experimental backdrop.




DanTown – “Above & Beyond” (feat. Fes Taylor)

DanTown teams up with Fes Taylor for “Above & Beyond” lifted from his new EP What You Gon’ Be. The track has a jazz-infused vibe but it is a showcase of their distinct lyrical skills and different backgrounds.



D’Vo – Butterflies (ChopNotSlop Remix) (feat. OG Ron C)”.


D’Vo‘s “Butterflies (ChopNotSlop Remix)” gets that screwed revamp and features  OG Ron C. The remix is dynamic and slowed down to perfection while the scratches and unpredictable effects do come into play.



Queen LaBelle x Cappadonna – “Fucking Around In Space”

Queen LaBelle and the legendary Cappadonna team up for this love-themed track titled “Fucking Around In Space”. The title is a bit cheeky but the overall premise dwell on making love to one’s partner on each planet and it’s quite off-kilter and candid as well.




FNF Kenno / tjonez [the producer.] – “SouLonely Pt. II”


FNF Kenno and  tjonez [the producer.] team up for “SouLonely Pt. II”, a soul-infused track ripe with warm textures and snapping drum grooves underpinned by stylish raps.




SpenDoe – “It’s Real”

SpenDoe talks about the struggles and the ups and downs of life and how he came from nothing to something in his new release titled “It’s Real”. He reminds us that the cost of living is high and one has to take the bull by the horns in order to make it.



Shug Hzy – “More Than Plain”

Shug Hzy switches the vibe on the playlist with this heartfelt track titled “More Than Plain”. Here, he shares his true feelings for his lady and details the journey from the honeymoon phase to a more intimate setting.


Que K – “Stilll Standing (Reason Ent)”


Que K ‘s “Stilll Standing (Reason Ent)” is a testament to being resilient in the face of adversity. Over the sombre and reflective backdrop, Que K reflects on how naysayers and detractors try to sway his mind but he stood his ground and made the best out of the situation.


Nyction – “Iris”.

Nyction makes his entry on our site with “Iris”, a mid-tempo bass-heavy tune that showcases his fiery rap cadence and vivid lyrical imagery.


CRZA – “Junge Wut”

CRZA‘s “Junge Wut” is a gritty, hard-hitting track made up of cinematic textures, punchy drums and fiery raps that will keep you enthralled from start to finish.





M7 x Mic Righteous – “Wrong Decisions”


M7 and Mic Righteous team up for “Wrong Decisions”, an introspective tune that explores accepting one’s past mistakes and the steps one can take to right the wrongs.


M Soto – “Winning”.

M Soto takes the bull by the horns as he drops “Winning” which serves as the right anthem for those who are go-getters. Over a triumphant backdrop made up of rich cinematic pads, stabs and punchy drums, the rapper runs through his days of struggling and how he bet on himself and won.


K Folks – “friday morning”


K Folks recently put out his new album and in the interim, he also gives us “friday morning”, a feel-good song with uplifting and positive vibes that aims at clearing out the cloud above our heads. The vocal runs are sublime and the inspirational lyrics aim to wake us up and get us going.


TheoryMartinX – “Dream Alive”


TheoryMartinX only wants to keep the “Dream Alive” in his latest release. Over a bouncy and vibrant backdrop, he delivers an aspirational and positive message for listeners to abide by. The lyrics dwell on the daily struggles and the need to keep one’s head up and take life, one day at a time.


T. Chandy x Sparkwoods – “KING”


“KING” is the latest collaboration between Ottawa-based rapper T. Chandy and producer Sparkwoods. The production is laidback and solemn and T.Chandy’s flow is engaging and well-crafted. The songwriting is relatable to some degree and has a vivid element to it as well.


Jay Pareil – “Denim Tears”

Jay Pareil makes his entry on our site with “Denim Tears”, a laidback and moody track that showcases the rapper’s vivid lyricism and playful flow. The production is quite dynamic and it’s made up of two distinct beats, a mellow and energetic one.


Amplified. – “How To Land” (feat. Cyrus Buck)”.


Santa Cruz, CA genre-bending artist Amplified teams up with Cyrus Buck for “How To Land” for this reflective tune ripe with warm textures and relatable introspective lyrics.


Dephree – “Mando” (feat. Voli Contra)

Dephree delivers “Mando” featuring Voli Contra and it’s a smooth West Coast-infused jam ripe with punchy drums, lush keys and cinematic textures underpinned by bravado-driven raps about staying focused on one’s grind.


BNXN x Headie One – “Maximum Damage”


Elite Lagos vocalist Bnxn (fka BUJU) drops his highly anticipated 15-track debut album, ‘Sincerely, Benson.’ The project is a culmination of his several singles and he also drops another gem “Maximum Damage” for us to rock with. The mid-tempo afro-fusion track sees him working with UK’s Headie One and together they deliver a chilled headnodding jam.




Play Simone – “Free (Deniece Williams Cover)”


Dallas-based singer/songwriter Play Simone helped close out this week’s top submission with her cover of Deniece Williams’ classic single “Free”. Play Simone’s rendition is striking and maintains the soulful integrity of the original with a modern and distinct twist. her rich melodic vocal runs and range are on full display and the result is a brilliant version that stands the test of time.

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