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Que K returns with “WITHOUT U”, a heartfelt song that pays homage to success over the detractors and naysayers. Bolstered by a cinematic and layered soundscape, Que K shares his experiences from the ground up and how he managed to push through the craziness of the world.





Mike SB – “Family Business”.

Mike SB and Shiggy reflect on the ups and downs of being young men in their latest effort titled “Family Business”.Backed by rich soulful textures, lush synths and groovy drums, Mike SB takes us through his experiences dealing with life and how he was able to push through with pure resilience.



Arjuna Oakes – “Motel”


Rising New Zealand Soul/Jazz musician Arjuna Oakes‘s latest effort “Motel” is a superb funk/neo soul tune that explores the feeling of being stuck in a loop and the pent-up frustration that builds up. The layer and vibrant production set the tone while Arjuna’s airy and reverberating vocals rise to a plateau with its expressive and nonchalant flow. The second half of the track switches into a sparse retro-tinged neo-soul instrumental piece ripe with lush guitar riffs and prevalent bass-driven grooves with soulful horn passes.




Cam Black – “Give Them Their Roses”

LA-based VA-born artist/producer Cam Black delivers this heartwarming track titled “Give Them Their Roses”. The self-produced record is a homage and open letter to his Grandparents who raised him right and also a special appreciation to those people who deserve to be given their flowers right now instead of later. Cam Black takes audiences down memory lane through the good times and bad times and how those who cared for him showed up for him.





Eglowitz – “Got a Handle”

Eglowitz’s “Got a Handle” is a soul searching tune that sees the rapper digging deep to find his true North. Over the sparse and brooding backdrop, he shows us how he got a handle on his life, from his mental, spiritual and physical aspects. He definitely acknowledges his flaws and shortcomings but still, he found a way to know who he really is.



野井勇飛 / Noi Yuhi – “ビデオ / Video”

Japanese singer/songwriter Noi Yuhi switches the mod with his take on 90s Japanese/soul-pop with his latest release “ビデオ / Video”. The heartfelt and reflective tune talks about two young colleagues and their growing friendship and all the experiences that shaped their lives.



NTHN – “Sometimes / Lost”


NTHN makes his entry on our playlist with “Sometimes / Lost“, a 2 part medley that blends atmospheric, surreal textures with experimental elements and heartfelt songwriting. The first half is upbeat and bouncy and is underpinned by smooth melodic flows and vivid lyricism about his life while the second half is relaxed and somewhat moody depicting how the artist feels when he is alone with intrusive thoughts. The track is taken from his upcoming 20-track album, dropping in September.



Chase Soundz – “THE SUM”.

Chase Soundz comes through on our playlist once more with “THE SUM”, a heartfelt and insightful piece that explores self-awareness and growth. Blending his multi-faceted approach to music-making, Chase delivers a unique and engaging track that we all can rock with.





Mister Lovemore – “Love Is Like An Ocean”

Genre-bending producer/singer/songwriter Mister Lovemore helps brighten the playlist with “Love Is Like An Ocean”, a smooth summer party jam that is steeped in good memories with the special someone. The track was inspired by Mister Lovermore’s experiences before moving out to Cali with his wife and details the wonderful memories they made together. The production is bright and energetic and his melodic style is unique and engaging as well.


Soundminerz – “Visionz”



Hip Hop duo Soundminerz is comprised of rapper Proph and producer Dirac who teamed up in 2014 while completing their respective undergrad programs at Norfolk State University. Together they are forging ahead with their brand of conscious hip-hop and their newest effort titled “Visionz” helps set the tone. The track has a soulful and reflective vibe and is underpinned by aspirational and motivational themes aimed at giving audiences hope amid the dark clouds.


Kiseme – “Stuck In The Mood Free$tyle”.


Kiseme returns to our playlist with “Stuck In The Mood Free$tyle”, which sees him in his element. Over the self-produced lofi-jazz soundscapes, Kiseme drops a fiery performance ripe with bravado and no-holds-barred mindset.


Moxie Knox – “Always”

NYC-born, LA-based singer/songwriter Moxie Knox makes her debut entry on our playlist with her new single “Always”. The mid-tempo summer love jam is comprised of thumping lofi tones, and punchy trap drums all underpinned by Moxie’s sultry and soul-stirring vocal runs. She is currently working on her sophomore album.



Tech G – “Navigate”

Tech G‘s “Navigate” is a cautionary and instructional track that details the proper way to move through these wicked streets. Armed with his booming vocals and no-nonsense demeanour, Tech G reminds audiences of the pitfalls of lacking the proper etiquette or conduct.




Crock Taylor – “Kali Shit”.


Southside Jamaica Queens emcee Crock Taylor is back at it with a new single “Kali Shit”. The track sees him embodying the spirit of true lyricism as he proceeds to wreak havoc over the brooding lofi soundscape with vivid rhyme schemes and an engaging flow to match.





LEON – “Ferradas”

Senigallia-based rapper LEON shares with us the song “Ferradas” which is extracted from his first album Trust the process released in January 2024. The track has a solemn and reflective vibe and its comprised of sad piano riffs and punchy drum breaks while he takes listeners deep into his hometown and the unique energy and experiences it offers him.


J Shiltz – “Rock With That”.

J Shiltz continues his slew of releases and caps it with his newest effort “Rock With That”. The production here is layered and blends smooth jazz-soul vibes with modern hip-hop with a little twist that fits the rapper’s distinct and commanding flow as he asks audiences if they can rock with that.




Toronto’s NYYSE makes his way across to our playlist with his new release titled “DANGEROUS”. Armed with his smooth melodic flow and bolstered by his Jamaican roots and T-Dot swag, NYYSE delivers a smooth performance underpinned by a lot of rizz and charisma over the mid-tempo afro-fusion soundscape laid before him.




Danny Miles – “Truth (Is In The Eyes)” (feat. Aquakultre)

Producer/instrumentalist Danny Miles teams up with rapper Aquakultre for “Truth (Is In The Eyes)”. The track is a reflective and introspective piece that explores the concept of truth and seeking one’s true north amid the white noise.




HarveyDent – “Hey Kid”

HarveyDent released “Hey Kid”, the fifth single from the duo’s forthcoming LP 4 Life. The track is a mellow slow burner comprised of lush moody samples and thick drum grooves underpinned by the duo’s distinct styles as they trade bars with much gusto and a whole lot of bravado to boot.




DJ Heron – “Shut Up (feat. Shottie)”


Miami-based Brooklyn DJ Heron closes out this week’s playlist with the anthemic street banger “Shut Up”. The track was made in conjunction with Gridlock Production House, who have teamed up with DJ Heron to produce a web series House Of Heron that would feature on-the-spot production from the DJ with a special guest rapper. The newest episode sees DJ Heron crafting the new single “Shut Up” featuring Shottie who comes through with the verbal artillery.

Listen to “Shut Up” on all DSPs here.

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