“This song, ‘Rain Check’ is a testament to staying who you are even when your surroundings change. I was transitioning from being a kid with no consequences to becoming this person who just felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I think a lot of people can relate to this song and what It stands for. It has a good overall message and a versatile sound.”

These are the words of Jason Flame, a Hip Hop artist from Brooklyn who has a passion for his music that is almost unmatched. He often dives into spaces of music that involve personal issues that most would keep to themselves. Jason Flame says he grew up listening to Drake, Childish Gambino, Isaiah Rashad, and Joey Bada$$. Although he began making music as early as the age of 13, Flame didn’t put out his first body of work till his freshman year of college. Since then he has dropped 3 promising EPs but has yet to drop a full length project. Each project was progressively better than the last one and many are waiting to see what his next move is. Rain Check is his way of bearing his heart and sharing how it feels to be the unseen person in the room.

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