British singer/songwriter Chinwe keeps pushing her musical boundaries with each release and on her new single “Down”, she blends her rich experimental soul sound with retro dance grooves. Bolstered by the moody and surreal textures and punchy drums, Chinwe pours her heart out as she waxes lyrical about blossoming love and the initial infatuation-type emotions that come with it. She reflects on how euphoric these feelings are but in the back of her mind, she wonders if things would still be the same when the high is gone.

Exposed to an eclectic range of music from an early age, Chinwe cites Nina Simone and Massive Attack amongst some of her biggest musical influences. The self-taught musician started producing songs as a teenager before experimenting with songwriting as another outlet for her creativity. During lockdown she began her journey with the harp, an instrument which featured heavily on her sophomore EP and continues to shape her sound today. 


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