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KJ! – “Make ’em Say”.

Emerging rapper/songwriter KJ! spit the type of rap that would “Make ’em Say” something. The track is a pure display of style and bravado over a lively backdrop made up of layered pianos, horns and thumping grooves.




Eli Purdy-Flacks – “dog in my dreams”


Singer/producer Eli Purdy-Flacks caught our attention with his new release “dog in my dreams”. The track blends neo-soul with jazz sensibilities and experimental elements and shows how Eli pushes his creativity. The production is dynamic and has a lot of changes and transitions as it weaves in trap and drill grooves into the mix while his vocal inflections and effects add an off-kilter layer to it.




7HO3NIX – “Touch Me with Your Words”


Ohio-based singer/songwriter 7HO3NIX caught our ears with her new single “Touch Me with Your Words”. The mellow sensual ballad is a display of pure sensuality on wax. Over the soothing and soulful backdrop, she delivers a sultry vocal performance ripe with candid songwriting that explores the wants of a woman in love.



Jake Fish – “Sex”


Jake Fish‘s “Sex” is a heartfelt and insightful piece that explores the true essence of the connection between two individuals. Over a sublime and atmospheric soundscape, he details the tale of a woman who is a hopeless romantic and the emotional hurdles she had to go through in her journey of finding true love.



Jordan Astra x Sascha Liebrand – “Starting From Scratch”


Jordan Astra and producer Sascha Liebrand team up for “Starting From Scratch”. The track is a smooth blend of alternative R&B with pop and funk house stylings. From the rich layered guitar plucks, warm basslines and textures to Jordan’s distinct meodic runs and reflective songwriting, listeners are gifted a relatable and catchy tune.


Tim Blakeney – “A Little Love”


Tim Blakeney makes his entry on our playlist “A Little Love” which aims to uplift our spirits in these crazy times. The production is anthemic and vibrant and the lyrics are heartfelt while the chorus is as moving as they come.



Phil.Me – “YOU”

Phil.Me‘s “YOU” is about growth and the pains that come with the process. Over a sombre and sublime backdrop, he takes us deep into the dynamics of growth and the many experiences that change one’s life.



John Alex Harper – “The Rock”

John Alex Harper shares “The Rock” which serves as the lead single from his forthcoming 4 track EP titled The Fall. Bolstered by a sombre and reflective backdrop, Harper details the complexities of relationships. He gives listeners a heartfelt performance with candid lyrics that dive into relationships threading among self, a mother and father figures. Overall this is moving and contemplative.



Kill Szn – “The World is Yours”


Kill Szn embodies the spirit of the go-getter in his newest release “The World is Yours”. Over an anthemic brass-driven backdrop, he reminds us that he is ready to go all the way to the top.


Pawz One x Ruste Juxx x Copywrite – “Wage War” prod. by Preed One (cuts by Tone Spliff)

LA hip-hop vets Pawz One and Preed One recruit the lyrical stylings of Copywrite and Ruste Juxx on their latest single “Wage War.” Backed by the urgent and cinematic backdrop provided by producer Preed One, the trio of emcees load up their verbal arsenal and proceed to blitz through the opposition. Joining them on the track is Tone Spliff who rounds off the track adding his own firepower with deadly scratches on the hook.


Breadcouch – “silky”

Breadcouch is preparing for an upcoming album Bready’s Shmoke Shawp but in the meantime, he shares the new single “silky”. The track is a smooth R&b tinged trap tune that showcases his layered melodic flow and off-kilter stream-of-consciousness rap style.



Keshad Adeniyi – “UNFADEABLE”



Keshad Adeniyi‘s “UNFADEABLE” is an insightful piece that talks about perseverance and unbreakable resilience. Over a sparse, vocal sample-driven backdrop, he reminds us that he is ready to go the extra mile with heartfelt lyrics and a bravado-driven performance. This is the second single taken from his upcoming project titled Because The Sun Rose which will be released on the 19th of August.



Phaze Gawd – “Gatekeep The City”

Phaze Gawd takes the spirit of a sentry in “Gatekeep The City”, a dark cinematic piece that details the concept of protecting the authenticity of one’s homeland and artistry. Armed with his energetic machine gun flow and vivid lyrical schemes, he gives us a glimpse of his school of thought over Carolina Producer Telo Beats soundscape.



Iman Europe x Thurz – “MWWM”.


Rising NY-born, LA raised rapper Iman Europe teams up with Thurz and Fat Ron for this unapologetic track titled “MWWM”. Backed by the dark and cinematic production, the emcees embody the spirit of go-getters and the concept of going with the flow in order to achieve one’s true goals.



Beth Morris – “Release”

Rising UK singer/songwriter Beth Morris caught our ears with her distinct vocals and stylish melodic runs. Her newest release is titled “Release” and it’s a display of raw talent as she seamlessly floats over a solo guitar arrangement. Her vocals have a distinct ebb and flow and emotional punch that is hard to deny and this song is just the tip of the iceberg. She is currently preparing for a US Tour and also a new EP.


YK.TJ – “You Could”


Emerging rapper/songwriter YK.TJ aims to uplift our spirits in his new song “You Could”. The track has a smooth and sublime texture and shows him blending catchy melodic runs with insightful verses that dwell on the concept of self-confidence and believing in one’s potential.


City Cinema – “Time’s On My Side”


City Cinema delivers this insightful and sombre tune titled “Time’s On My Side”. Bolstered by a dark and ominous backdrop, the singer-songwriter and rapper duo bring together a fusion of smooth melodies with heartfelt raps that leaves listeners with something to grow on. City Cinema is made up of Jabee and Brandon Birdwell.



Jae Anthonie – “Big Chillin”

Jae Anthonie‘s “Big Chillin” is a bouncy west coast funk infused hip-hop jam reminiscent of the legendary Dogg Pound. The drums are thick and the heavy bass synths all go together like white on rice. On the microphone, Jae is definitely not a slouch and holds sit down with his commanding flow and vivid lyricism that is easy to follow and also engaging from start to finish.


PS the Prophesy – “Road Warriors”


PS the Prophesy teams up with Benny the Butcher for the aptly titled track “Road Warriors”. The track is a pure display of lyrical prowess laced with social commentary that weaves the street life and then some.
The track is produced by Yountie Strickland.


L.R – “GhoSt”


L.R gets down to business in his new release “GhoSt”. The track is bolstered by a cinematic and somewhat edgy backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his thoughts.


J(X), Richie Sevens – “Free Max B”

“Free Max B” is the 11th Installment of J(X)‘s #1stn15th series. The soulful track sees J(X) teaming with Richie Sevens and both artists proceed to detail their respective lifestyles from a nuanced perspective.


Kingbol0 – “Twitchen” (feat. Dak Sauce)

Kingbol0 teams up with Dak Sauce for the reflective tune titled “Twitchen”. The track has a sombre and reflective element that fits the heartfelt lyrics that break down his daily struggles and how he wants people to see him.


Atlasmusic – “Good 2 Great”



Atlasmusic‘s “Good 2 Great” is an insightful piece that explores the rapper’s journey as an artist and a young black man. Over the edgy and soulful soundscape, Atlasmusic takes us through the dynamics of his life and the experiences that made him who he is.


Derrty D – “From the Himalayas”

Derrty D shows us the viewpoint “From the Himalayas” in his new release. The funk-soul-infused track is a smooth display of lyrical prowess with a catchy hook to match.



JBLAZN – “Dressed Up”

Indie artist JBLAZN gives us this uplifting and feel-good track titled “Dressed Up”. As the title suggests it is a pop-infused and fun-filled track that details the concept of treating oneself to the good things of life but it doesn’t quite have to be designer or luxury brands but something simple.



Rally 4 Reality – “Riley”

Rally 4 Reality embodies the fiery spirit of “Riley” from the Boondocks. Over a cinematic and urgent backdrop, he delivers an impassioned performance ripe with unapologetic raps that dwell on his journey as a one-man army who goes all out to achieve his goals.

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