The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Elian Ogontz – “Might Not Get Better” (feat. ToneRuth)

Elian Ogontz drops “Might Not Get Better” featuring ToneRuth on our radar. The mid-tempo soulful boombap cut is part instrumental and part vocals ripe with rich and warm chords, snapping drum breaks and sultry vocal runs.


Matt Brown – “Employed”

Matt Brown‘s “Employed” is a smooth tribute to the life of the self-employed indivudals putting in work to secure his or her destiny. The mellow aspirational tune talks about being consistence, focused and making the right moves.


Elsy Wameyo – “Umva”

Adelaide-based Kenyan rapper/songwriter Elsy Wameyo launched into the stratosphere with her self-produced 2022 debut EP Nilotic that led her to tours with Sampa the Great, Genesis Owusu, and Tyler the Creator, among others. Her latest release “Umva” is a self-empowering tune that sees her stating her claim in the game as she prepares for her debut album Saint Sinner. The track is as cinematic as they come and blends thick bass-driven drill sounds with traditional chants peppered by Elsy’s sultry and commanding flow.


dom champ – “Honesty”.

UK emcee dom champ gives us something to ponder on in his new release “Honesty”. The aptly titled record is reflective, and genuine as dom champ gives audiences his take on life as it is and how we can and should always aspire for the best things in life even if it’s gloomy.



Ghost Cartridge x Stilz – “Heard a Ghost”.

“Heard a Ghost” is the newest release from the Canadian experimental hip-hop duo Ghost Cartridge and Stilz who caught our attention again. The track is as hard-hitting as they come and it’s made up of thick and thumping drums layered with sizzling distorted synths. The track sees the duo pushing the envelope with their unique style.


TaReef KnockOut -“ISO”

TaReef KnockOut‘s “ISO” is a reflective tune that talks about aspirations, dreams and the never-ending struggle one has to face to come out right. Over a solemn piano-driven backdrop, TaReef takes us through his daily activities with vivid lyrical schemes peppered with relatable themes.



Tony Driver – “Perfect Body”.

Chicago’s south side -based rapper Tony Driver details his preference and how he chooses to live his life in “Perfect Body”. The self-empowering track explores self-doubt and the emotional stress that comes with accepting one’s true nature and living up to one’s true potential.


Untamed305 – “Social Media”.

Alternative Hip Hop artist Untamed305 talks about the craziness of “Social Media” and flips it into a fun track about the dopamine-inducing effects of likes, and external validation.




Deebo Mac – “Imma BE Right Back”.

Deebo Mac hit us with “Imma BE Right Back”, an anthemic jam that showcases his distinct hip-hop style. Armed with his booming vocals and aggressive flow with vivid lyricism, he reminds listeners that he is far from being done.



Jae Anthonie – “Saturdaze”.

Carson, California-based rapper Jae Anthonie takes us back in time in “Saturdaze” where he talks about his days as a college student. From house parties, jump-offs, riding shotgun to being carefree, Jae gives audiences a vivid and detailed





Pavy – “If She Wasn’t Engaged”.

Pavy presents us with a what-if situation in “If She Wasn’t Engaged” where he pontificates on what he would do to a certain lady who caught his eye. Unfortunately, her situation doesn’t allow him to carry out his wishes and he has to come to terms with it.



S.Crow X Dane Diamond – “Too Late (Top Down Remix)”.

S.Crow and Dane Diamond’s “Too Late (Top Down Remix)” taps into the classic G Funk sound and delivers a smooth fusion with R&B elements that everyone can rock with. The lyrics have a nostalgic element and takes listeners back to the artists’ younger days and his experiences growing up.


M.I.C – “Cupid”



M.I.C and Will Murray team up for “Cupid”, a heartfelt love tune that explores heartbreak and true love between two individuals whoa re going through the struggles of being together.


Remmorii – “Radio Silence”

Remmorii‘s latest release “Radio Silence” is an open letter for the outcast and downtrodden who are ready to take the bull by the horns. Over the sad and solemn instrumentation, Remmorii pours his heart on wax and expresses his true thoughts for everyone to hear.



EMNL TOMMY – “Listen”.




American Christian Rapper, Singer, Songwriter/ Record Producer EMNL TOMMY wants us to “Listen”. The track is an introspective and heartfelt track that talks about self-awareness, self-belief and finding one’s true purpose as opposed to being led by the bandwagon.



Conflixx – “LasT LetteR”


Conflixx gives us a candid take on accountability in his single “LasT LetteR” which sees the rapper in his element over a soulful vocal sample-driven backdrop.


Richard – “Reflect”.


Multi-talented rapper/songwriter Richard makes us think on life in his new single “Reflect”. The laidback track has a dreamy and surreal type aesthetic with punchy drums while his distinct and expressive flow takes precedence as well. Here, he gives listeners a glimpse into his journey in the music industry and all the craziness he faced.



Myron Wright – “Positive”


Myron Wright is all about “Positive” in his latest track. The track has a moody and sad texture and it’s anchored by his emotional flow and introspective songwriting that talks about embodying the positive aspect of life.




Fortitude – “Beautiful”


As Fortitude prepares to release his new project, Under the August Sun he gives listeners a taste of what is to come with his new single “Beautiful”.  Here, he talks about the beauty of life, the ups and downs and the experiences that help shape us.






Loneninjah – “TABULARASA” (feat. Quis Chauncey)

“TABULARASA” is a lyric-dense and experimental track brought to us by Loneninjah, Something New and Quis Chauncey. Over the soulful and reflective strings and flutes, the artists share an engaging




key sayless – “Sorry Ms. Jackson”


Rising artist key sayless is a Southside Atlanta-based rapper whose new single “Sorry Ms. Jackson” caught our attention. Armed with his laidback and distinct melodic tone and heartfelt lyrics, he gives audiences a taste of his lifestyle and personal struggles as a young man trying to make better decisions.






DJ Design – “The Blues” (feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi)”.


Early Stones Throw recording artist DJ Design is a veteran producer and graphic designer for the legendary label and he just released his newest release “The Blues“. The cinematic track is made up of brooding textures and crunchy drums underpinned by fiery raps from Detroit’s Phat Kat and Elzhi. This is the first single of Design’s upcoming producer/emcee album. Next to Phat Kat and Elzhi, other notable guests on the album are Fashawn, Guilty Simpson, LMNO and Gennessee. DJ Design is known for creating the iconic Quasimoto monster character and the LP cover design for “My Vinyl Weighs A Ton” by Peanut Butter Wolf




Franklin Rossman – “The Assignment”

Franlin Rossman knows “The Assigment” in his latest effort. The production here is warm and summery while his candid raps about self-determination and cutting off negative elements that derail one’s trajectory.




ISADORA – “Streets”.

Egyptian-born and NZ/Australian-raised artist Isadora enters our playlist with her latest new-age R&B jam titled “Streets”. The sultry tune is an unapologetic take on blossoming love and the trepidation that comes with taking that bold step into something serious. Over the sparse and sublime soundscape, Isadora pours her frustrations on wax as she states what she wants from her lover. No more pussyfooting or meandering, it’s time to get straight to the point.




Klutz – “pen”.

Emerging indie artist Klutz shows us how his “pen” works in his newest tune. The mellow jazz-soul piece is a display of lyrical schemes underpinned by introspective themes. Over the lush and soulful soundscape, Klutz takes us deep into his life and his journey as an artist.





Bad Habbits – “Phoenix Rising” feat Claudio Delgift

Cleveland, OH-based artist Bad Habbits delivers this anthemic tune “Phoenix Rising” Featuring Claudio Delgift. The track is produced by Tony Tone, Simon Collins, and Bad Habbits and together they craft a rousing guitar-driven piece which is led by electrifying guitars, slick plucks and punchy drum grooves. The track dives into the delicate issue of mental health underpinned by drug addiction and health issues. Bad Habbits explores the topic with an open mind and positive tone, reminding us that we all have the power to change the course of our lives regardless of our mistakes. “Phoenix Rising” will be featured on Habbits’ upcoming release, Sunfire, due later this year.

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