The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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DDRMR – “King Shit” (feat. GYZ)


DDRMR and GYZ bring us the ruckus with “King Shit”. The anthemic track is made up of rousing drum grooves and electrifying guitar arrangements underpinned by rich choral vocals that seamlessly blend rock and hip-hop. The emcees proceed to lay the track with bravado-laden raps that implore us to celebrate our inner kingship and creative gifts.




DDRMR – “Cosplay Boo”


DDRMR drops “Cosplay Boo” a heartfelt love track that dives into the cosplay scene and how he found love there. Over a sombre guitar-driven backdrop, he pours adulation on a certain lady and the similar interests they share in this world.




Tarli – “That’s Word”


Tarli, formally known as EL.i.BE returns to our playlist with “That’s Word”. The single has a moody and energetic vibe that blends with his commanding flow and go-getter mindset. Armed with his stylish flow and versatility he delivers a dynamic and thought-provoking track that will keep listeners locked in from start to finish.



Donny Parks – “Therapy”


Charlotte, NC-based rapper/songwriter Donny Parks finds his own form of “Therapy”. The production has a sombre and moody aesthetic which fits Donny’s reflective and revealing lyrics that dive into his own past demons and the various events that helped shape him. The storytelling is quite vivid, heartfelt and engaging from start to finish.



Bella-Monae – “GUIA”

Uprising UK-based Spanish/Jamaican artist Bella-Monae caught our ears with her newest release titled “GUIA”. Armed with her tri-lingual prowess, she delivers fiery bars in English, Spanish and Patois in a seamless manner. Backed by the menacing drill backdrop laid before her, she reminds us that she is not the one to play with and respect needs to be put on her name.



DJ Unknown – “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” (feat. Raz Fresco)

DJ Unknown and Toronto-based Rapper/producer Raz Fresco team up for “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, a lyric-dense collaboration that blends cinematic soundscapes with graphic lyricism.

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars ” is the first single from the forthcoming album called Prisoners of Gravity available on August 18, 2023.

Scru Face Jean – “Jimmy Buckets”


Scru Face Jean delivers this anthemic track “Jimmy Buckets” which pays homage to Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler’s 2023 run. Over the thematic soundscape, Scru shows us that resilience and will power goes a long way to reach the apex. He sure is not taking shorts or losses as he dusts himself up after failing and proceeds to achieve his goals.




Deveau – “Atlanta”

Deveau takes us deep into the city of  “Atlanta” in his newest release. The sombre jazz-infused soundscape sees the rapper reflecting on his stomping grounds in Marietta and the various events that shaped him. From the gang violence, personal struggles and the beautiful parts, he gives listeners two sides of the same coin.




Hak Black – “Under The Rain”


Hak Black reveals some intimate information about his life in “Under The Rain”. The reflective tune was composed at the end of his marriage and shows him digging deep into how things turned out and what steps he can take to change the past.





Danny Onionz x Westside Boogie – “ON THE DAILY” (feat. WESTSIDE BOOGIE)


Danny Onionz links with Westside Boogie for this dark and cinematic tune titled “ON THE DAILY”. Bolstered by the urgent-sounding soundscape, the rappers take us deep into the cycle of life that almost never ends.  Originally written as a heartfelt tribute to Mac Miller and influenced by his song “Small Worlds,” this track carries the torch of Miller’s introspective style. It serves as a reminder that even amidst the struggles of anxiety, depression, or whatever one may be going through, they are not alone.


Freddolo – “Magoo”


Uprising rapper Freddolo digs deep into his experiences in this new single “Magoo”. Over a moody and offbeat soundscape, he details how a blossoming love broke down and the aftermath of it all.



4D3N – “Ya Diggg”

Uprising rapper 4D3N makes a solid appearance on our list with “Ya Diggg”, an R&B-infused track made up of choppy vocal samples, soulful textures and punchy drums. The rapper delivers the goods with his stylish flows and insightful-aden bravado bars. This is the first single from his upcoming tape Encassete.


Alex Villafana – “O.S.O.M


Bronx-raised rapper Alex Villafana comes through with “O.S.O.M“, a mid-tempo track that is made up of moody and somewhat atmospheric textures and steady drum grooves. The lyrics are vivid and candid as Alex pours his true thoughts on wax.




funktion_og x k1ng eljay x heretic skeptic x inkline – “saturday morning cartoons”


Funktion_og teams up with K1ng Eljay, Heretic Skeptic and inkline for “Saturday morning cartoons”. As the title suggests, it takes listeners back to the days of Saturday cartoons with its bright and upbeat cartoony sample and upbeat drums. The rappers bring the track to life with their vivid lyrical scheme as well.



Rich Daddy  and Flawda Mane – “A Lil’ faith”

Washington D.C.-born rapper Rich Daddy and Flawda Mane give us “A Lil’ faith” in this interesting collaboration. Over a punch and dark trap backdrop, the emcees reflect on their life’s struggles and successes. Rich Daddy sets it off with his off-beat cadence and stylishly vivid lyrics. “A Lil’ faith” is from Rich Daddy’s 1 of 6 scheduled albums to release on Aug 9th called “Tha No Time LP.” It features Cakewood artist Flawda Mane.

Jezeb – “Take Sum Time”


Jezeb and Fredhead bring something different and out-the-box with their effort titled “Take Sum Time”. The piano-laden soundscape has a dusty and nostalgic feel and it’s underpinned by Jezeb’s fiery raps and no holds barred flow.




Redacted McFly – “Mother Nature”

Redacted McFly‘s newest release “Mother Nature” sees him reflecting on how mankind has fallen out of love with the titular character due to oversight. Over the sublime and soulful backdrop, Redacted Fly sends out insightful lyrics reminding us of the hidden treasures of Mother Nature.




$wami The Prophet – “Close Friends” (feat. Belle)

$wami The Prophet teams up with Belle for this heartfelt and unapologetic love track titled “Close Friends”. The dreamy soundscape forms the perfect backdrop for $wami’s vivid lyrics filled with adulation and funny quips. Belle comes through with her sultry melodic runs and adds a much-needed soulful touch to the track.



Romel – “Slippin’”

Singer-songwriter Romel helps raise the brightness of the list with his new release “Slippin’”. The upbeat track is bolstered by his alluring melodic runs and catchy summer-ready chorus and overall vibe. “Slippin’”  is the 1st single off his New EP.



Book of David x KXNG CROOKED – “N3VERLAND”

Book of David and the legendary WestCoast rapper KXNG CROOKED team up for “N3VERLAND”, a reflective track that aims to uplift listeners to not give up on their dreams. Over a punchy drum set and soulful backdrop, KXNG CROOKED talks about the what-ifs and the need to take chances when one is going after goals.



Euphorik – “Martyr”

Victoria BC-based rapper/producer Euphorik pours his heart on wax in his new single “Martyr”. The self-produced track is made up of dusty guitar riffs and thick 808-laden drums all underpinned by his reflective lyrics that dwell on finding his true self in an unforgiving world.


Yugí – “War and Peace”

Rising rapper/songwriter Yugí brings forth the concept of duality in his new release titled “War and Peace”. Over a sombre piano-laden soundscape, Yugi dwells on hatred and frustration in two verses and gives listeners a glimpse into his perspective on relationships and the unpredictable elements that come with them. The production switches up on the second verse and we also get to hear Yugi flex his melodic skills.



Krohme x Blind Orbits x Money Mogly x T-Mo Goodie – “GDP” prod. by Krohme”

Hardworking producer Krohme recruits UK-based Shoegaze band Blind Orbits, Miami-based MC Money Mogly and  T-Mo Goodie (of Goodie Mob fame) for “GDP”. The production is quite cinematic and rich with its sublime horns, scenic pads and strings and rousing boom-trap drum grooves. As expected the emcees put in work with their distinct rap styles.




Zac Ivie – “You Know Me”

Producer/rapper Zac Ivie caught our ears with “You Know Me”, a heartfelt and reflective tune that talks about the front people put up when they are online on the internet. Over a moody and punchy backdrop, Zac reminds us that he is always himself regardless of the situation.




Singer/songwriter Jake Lee and BARESZ take us into the “ENDLESS WEEKEND”. The production is atmospheric and starts off pretty mellow with just an ethereal pad that slowly swells as the thick 808-laden drums come into play. Armed with a sultry and somewhat airy vocal tone, Jake dives into the theme of desire and betrayal and the thin line separating them.



SWEETS – “Telephone”


UK rapper SWEETS pours his heart on wax in this heartfelt track titled “Telephone”. Bolstered by a sombre guitar-driven backdrop, he reflects on past love and the good memories that come with it. Even though time has passed and everyone has moved on, these memories still linger on. He is also joined by rapper Finnerz who adds his own experiences into the mix.





Rose Spearman – “King of Air”

Netherlands-based singer/songwriter Rose Spearman caught our ears with “King of Air”, a soothing track that dives into finding freedom in the midst of constraints. The production used here is dynamic and off-kilter, the verses have a moody texture while the chorus section has a sparse and dark sparsely arrangement that captures the feeling of breaking free.



Dee Aitch – “Excuse Me”


Dee Aitch is a 17-year-old rapper from Austria and he makes a solid appearance on our site with his new single “Excuse Me”. The track has a solemn horn riff and mellow drums which serve as the perfect backdrop for his introductory raps as he brings us deep into his world.


Koncept – “Thriller”

Koncept brings us the perfect hip-hop “Thriller” with his new release. The track is bolstered by George Reichart‘s anthemic soundscape made up of rich guitar riffs, lush synths and a thumping drum groove. Koncept holds it down on the verbal department and delivers a graphic and engaging performance that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.


Mined Music x Amvis – “Thief of the Night”


Mined Music is on a solo mission as he teams up with rapper Amvis for this reflective and experiential track titled “Thief of the Night”. Armed with his (Amvis) laidback and whispered flow, he delivers a solid performance over the sublime and moody backdrop laid behind him.


Jody Bloom – “Hunger Games”


Cleveland OH-based rapper Jody Bloom delivers a thought-provoking and insightful track titled “Hunger Games” and it looks deep into the daily struggles of a young black man in America. Over a soulful and urgent-sounding backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with vivid lyricism that brings listeners closer to the action.


Jay Gudda – “2009”


Jay Gudda takes us back to “2009” in his new release. Bolstered by a dark and cinematic soundscape, the rapper delivers a solid performance ripe with vivid lyricism and a no holds barred attitude.


Metallic Malik – “Outta That Ditch”


Metallic Malik shows pure resilience in his new single “Outta That Ditch”. The track is an uplifting and motivational tune that explores finding the good side of every bad situation and making the best out of it.


Aisha Dawn – “Make Up Tonite”

Uprising singer/songwriter Aisha Dawn makes her entry on our site with “Make Up Tonite”. The midtempo R&B/soul tune dives into the feelings of a lovelorn woman who yearns for the love of her partner. Aisha Dawn was born into a musical dynasty and she is the daughter of reggae legend Man Soul Jah.


Bobby JaGGerJacK – “Problem”


Bobby JaGGerJacK is the proverbial “Problem” as he takes aim at the opposition in his new release. Backed by an anthemic backdrop, he proceeds to drop thought-provoking lines and then some.


Chris Borelli – “ja morant”.


Framingham, MA-based rapper Chris Borelli embodies the spirit of “Ja Morant” in his new single. The beat used is punchy and moody while the lyrics are unbridled and bravado-laden from start to finish.



Dasco Rally x Vory – “Ble$$ings”

“Ble$$ings” is an upbeat uplifting track from Dasco Rally and Vory who bring forth the ultimate prayer anthem. The duo makes use of a cinematic backdrop to count their blessings and appreciate the little wins regardless of how tough the times are.

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